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Disappointed by lack of support for veterans




I would like to voice my displeasure with some of the businesses and people in Columbus. I am a veteran who served 20 years in the U.S. Army. I do not regret my decision to serve and I am very proud of my service. That being said I would like to thank the businesses in Columbus that offer an every day military discount and to those who offer a special discount to Veterans on this day.  


I saw advertisements that Subway was offering a 6" sub for free to veterans today. I drove by both Subway locations and was told they were not participating in this event. I was shocked at this response and decided to call and ask why. I was told by the owner that he chose not to participate in this event himself.  


In a military town I find this utterly disturbing that he would chose not to do this. I could hear the disrespect and uncaring attitude in his voice during the conversation. Additionally I would like to thank the Air Force and Tops in Blue for an outstanding show once again this past Friday night.  


I want to tell the people of Columbus how I felt that night as well as the Colors were being presented and the National Anthem was being played, There was a family of four sitting in front of my family that did not stand at all or show any respect to the flag or this country. 


You disgust me!! I hope you read this and you know who and "what" you are. I will gladly pay your airfare to return to whatever country you would like to call home as long as you promise never to return to mine. I served 20 years in the military and sleep well at night knowing that I provided a measure of security to those unable to protect themselves. To those who served Thank You and God Bless! 


Mark Thatcher 





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