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School programs cause for optimism




We all have heard of the No-Child-Left-Behind Law introduced during The Bush administration. Unfortunately the program was left behind; children are not getting the early education they need to inspire them to want to learn and enjoy school.  


If children do not start learning early in life, how can they possibly catch on and comprehend later? When a child does not understand they become discouraged and lose their desire to learn. A discouraged child will eventually give up, thinking they cannot do the work and begin acting up in class, this is how the thought of dropping out of school begins. 


It is very important for parents to get involved with the school systems and become an advocate for children''s early education that will lead to children advancing on and one day graduate from high school. There must be realistic plans developed in the school system that really works. 


Columbus'' school system has introduced the magnet school system. These magnet schools have increased enrollment and daily attendance is high. Children are enjoying school and learning in more exciting ways. This also means parent participation has increased. Here in Columbus parents are getting involved in their children''s education to make sure they are not left behind. 


Yet there is more great news. Superintendent Del Phillips has proposed an 11-month school calendar for grades K-6 for next year. This calendar will add an addition 20 days to the school year. Yes, children will attend school longer only to benefit their learning skills to make sure every child is working on the level in their class.  


There will be yellow "Success" days each month. On those days children that are working at their required level will be rewarded by not having to attend school those days, but if they choose they can still attend school on those days. This is also rewarding because on those days they are put in smaller groups and will receive individual assistance. Each child will be able to work closely with their teacher to get the understanding they need to keep up.  


Every child learns at a different pace this way everyone will receive the help they need. One on one teaching will help these children begin to work at their required class level, making sure no child is left behind. Thank you Dr. Phillips for caring and making a stand in the future education of our children. 


Mary J. Smith,Columbus



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