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A.K. Rosenhan: Unhappy about parade fee




The GSDP (Greater Starkville Development Partnership) is organizing the Starkville Christmas parade. They are charging $25/entry. As the GSDP is a tax supported organization (with some interesting pay rates) and most, if not all, parade participants are charitable groups, churches, government reps, the question is why is there is a charge? What does it cost to organize a parade? Especially with personnel who are already being paid....again, by tax monies. It can''t be a big project to organize a Christmas parade. And I would think a volunteer organization, service club, or some group would do it for free. 


Merry Christmas! 


A.K. Rosenhan 





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Article Comment kj commented at 11/23/2010 12:43:00 PM:

Why are taxes supporting a religious event?


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