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Gary Holtman: The Postal Service and other matters




Two people have commented to me in the past two days that they had not read any of my letters recently. My response to then was, "Nothing has aggravated me enough lately to bore the public." That changed today, so, I''ll hit on a few items. 


The Postal Service has cried recently about their big losses and needing some more money. If they had some people at the top end of management with a little sense, they could bring down their cost of operation. Case in point: I received a PRIORITY envelope today that was mailed from Ardmore, TN on the 10th (five days ago.) It was supposed to he here in two days. The sender tracked the envelope daily, It went to Nashville, Memphis, Jackson, Ms., Grenada, then finally to Columbus.  


I spent 10 years with the Postal Service. Our Postmaster General at that time had just completed a tenure with TVA. His time with the Postal Service was certainly proof that you did not have to be the "Sharpest pencil in the box to be the boss at TVA or the Postal Service." I have the utmost respect for the lower echelon employees of the Postal Service. 


"The View." I am sure you are familiar with that whatever they call it show. They are making fun of John Boehner for getting emotional. They obviously never met my brother. When we were growing up, we got in little tiffs on a daily basis. I never wanted to see the tears begin to flow. When that happened, I usually got my tail whipped a little worse that usual. It definitely was not a sign of weakness. 


I just talked to a friend at his place of business. He has been attempting to get some answers to some payroll questions that should have been answered some time ago. His unemployment "tax" is doubling as of the first of January. The letter I read just says "the new law." He wants to know, and, I do, too, what law? Who initiated it, who voted for it, and why did Haley sign it into law, since he says he is not for new taxes? What does the law say? 


Also, Obama says he wants employees'' Social Security tax to be cut in half as of the first of January. That is two weeks away! The man and his staff of so-called Chicago intellectuals have no concept of the business world. This small employer, of whom I speak, will have to buy a new CD and transfer all of his employees'' data to it, etc., etc. All of this in two weeks time. 


''Nuff said for today. 




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