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Larry Smith: Repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell' a travesty




Legislation repealing the "Don''t ask, don''t tell" policy has turned the United States military into a new front for social and cultural experimentation. This is not in the public interest. 


Stealing the language of the civil rights movement, homosexual activists have succeeded in making a flawed comparison between racial discrimination and homosexual sexual acts even though it is a comparison without merit. Membership in a racial category is a status; homosexual sexual practices are voluntary sexual actions. These actions have been defined and condemned as immoral by every society in history up until the present because they close the sex-act to the gift of life. 


No-one with any moral foundation who accepts the existence of fundamental human rights supports discrimination against any human persons, including those with same sex attraction. That is not what is at issue here. The intent of this legislation is to enforce a societal acceptance of homosexual, bi-sexual and lesbian sexual relationships as morally equivalent to opposite sex marriage - or face the police power of the State. This is legally and socially dangerous as marriage can only be defined as the union of one man and one woman. 


The repeal of Don''t ask, don''t tell'' Repeal is not a civil rights breakthrough but a moral catastrophe foisted on the American public. 


Larry S. Smith 






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Reader Comments

Article Comment kj commented at 12/22/2010 3:21:00 PM:

"No-one with any moral foundation who accepts the existence of fundamental human rights supports discrimination against any human persons, including those with same sex attraction."

And yet, here you are, arguing for discrimination against human persons with "same sex attraction."

Throughout history, marriage has most often been defined as polygamous. But ignore that fact, it's inconvenient to your argument. As far as protecting voluntary actions, we continue to protect the practice of religion from discrimination. But please, ignore that fact, too.

Based on your ignorance of the facts, I find that your complaint is lacking in credibility. You should hook up with Bryan Fischer, the AFA's newest hate-monger. You two can sit down over a beer or two and lament how misunderstood you both are.


Article Comment kj commented at 12/22/2010 3:53:00 PM:

Additionally, your letter is NOT original work. Dozens of copies of this ill-composed screed are available by simply googling "stealing the language of the civil rights movement." Even in hatred for homosexuals, something about which you lot are so very passionate, you lack the ability to compose and present your own thoughts on the matter. It's always just mindless parroting of something someone else said.


Article Comment gogetum commented at 12/23/2010 10:50:00 AM:

kj needs a real job. Seems to be a hopeless person who has nothing else better to do except comment on the dispatch articles. No doubt kj is a card carrying old fashioned arrogant liberal "hate-monger" , that is just an impression I get from some of his or her presentation of thoughts. I can usually spot them a mile away. kj offers no counter points with his or her self declared over abundance of "ability to compose and present thoughts on the matter". Maybe someone else can read between the lines but all I can see is a liberal mind (sad) determined to put down someone with opposing views. Prejudging is a common practice with libs so we shouldn't be surprised. The "mindless parroting " espression is so revealing that kj points fingers when he or she is doing the same thing. kj borrowed the mindless parroting from someone else, what do you want to bet? Guilty, right?


Article Comment melody commented at 12/23/2010 1:30:00 PM:

Nice going , gogetum. kj does have a tendency to brag on kj by belittleing others. The arrogance does stand out like a sore thumb. More of kj's obvious "mindless parroting"--"marriage has most often been defined as polygamous". What about the Mormons? Also, If I'm not mistaken, all of kj's words are found in the dictionary. Surprise! More of his finger pointing-"ignorance of the facts"--kj has forgot about the Mormons and some of the Kings in Old Testament days. Also , Christianity has been discriminated against for many years, even in the U.S. Mainly because of liberal minded dems. Yep, reckon old kj has opened mouth and inserted foot. Speaking of jobs--would you want kj working for you?


Article Comment kj commented at 12/23/2010 4:02:00 PM:

Given my fellow commenters, I think a little arrogance is well-earned.


Article Comment zenreaper commented at 12/23/2010 7:29:00 PM:

I would like to start out by saying that I am a traditional Conservative. And I think this change in military policy is GREAT. Lets be honest, there are ALREADY homosexuals in the military. They are currently serving and performing their jobs next to heterosexuals EVERY DAY. And most heterosexuals KNOW it. They know who is and isn't gay, or at least have suspicions. And as long as they do their job, there is not an issue.

So, if there are already gays in the military, what does this law change? Oh yeah, the heterosexual people will officially "know" who is gay (maybe). Well, if during ALL these years, the gays that have served in the military have managed to control themselves and not hump the heterosexuals, what makes anyone think it will change now? I mean PDA's (Public Displays of Affection) are already banned while in uniform, even for heterosexuals. So it's not like you will see two male Staff Sargents making out in formation.

So what is the big deal? Oh yeah, those against it say the folks in the military are against it as well. But then came the study showing that 70% of military are okay with it, and 92% said they have worked side by side with homosexuals, and had no issues.

So the bottom line comes down to the fact that the Christian bible says homosexuality is wrong. So? It also says, in Leviticus, that homosexuality is "detestable", and that homosexuals are to be KILLED. So, to the Christians out there, how many homosexuals have you killed? I mean if God told you homosexuality is wrong, and you are against it BECAUSE of that, He also says to kill them. Oh, yeah, I have heard the answer to that, "God didn't really mean THAT..." Ah, so now you know the mind of God (a sin, according to your bible).

Bottom line, the homosexual men and women of our armed forced have and continue to serve this country proudly and efficiently since its creation. To force them to live in the shadows, or to lie about their lifestyle, risking ejection from their jobs for something that, obviously (since they are doing it NOW) does not AFFECT their jobs is a slap in the face to ALL the hard working military personnel. If you Christians want a country in which the laws are based on religion, look to Saudi Arabia or Iran, and think about if you want something like that.


Article Comment melody commented at 12/24/2010 10:18:00 AM:

Flattery will get you no where, kj. You mention "fundamental human rights", what are they and where do they come from?? Is this something you came up with or is it just "mindless parroting of something someone else said"? Could you be thinking about the rights which come from God that was written down by our founders? Now, we want some original answers so think about it for a couple days or three.


Article Comment kj commented at 12/24/2010 1:43:00 PM:

Melody, bless your heart, it was the letter writer who mentioned "fundamental human rights," not I. I was merely pointing out the obvious discrepancy between what he claimed to believe and what he advocates for in his letter. Please try to follow along a little bit more closely, dear.


Article Comment observer2 commented at 12/24/2010 3:37:00 PM:

I'm still having trouble figuring out how kj can earn arrogance. I tend to believe it's a common element of the liberal gene since all the libs I know have an abundance of it. All original stuff here, folks.


Article Comment mr. jordan commented at 12/24/2010 4:43:00 PM:

This additional step toward valid civil rights has been accomplished finally and relatively painlessly.

At least they didn't have to bring the 101st Airborne down from Ft. Campbell, KY to make us mind our Ps and Qs as they had to in 1957 for racial integration in Little Rock.

The tragedy of AIDS made this leap forward possible when it unmasked many who were gay who had never told us. If we valued them as friends before we knew, the revelation awakened us to the ultimate irrelevance of sexual orientation.

My revelation came when one of my younger brothers announced he had AIDS in 1989. He died in 1992. After that, I "got it". Sexual orientation is determined genetically at birth so it is as inately ingrained as skin or eye color, which makes it a basic civil right.

Some aspects of this will bother me, but that is my problem. The rising generation seems to have no problem with it, so let it be.


Article Comment doj commented at 12/25/2010 12:27:00 PM:

Yeah! And some folks are to genetically predisposed to be drunks and drug addicts. When are you going to admit the truth? It's available and you like it!


Article Comment mr. jordan commented at 12/25/2010 1:03:00 PM:


Yes, and some are genetically predisposed to be bovine jerks.


Article Comment jdw commented at 1/6/2011 9:37:00 AM:

This letter is a fraud. It has appeared in dozens of papers, each claiming to be 'Larry Smith' from the local area. It's a verbatim copy from the website by Keith A. Fournier.

People should realize that this is a coordinated ruse meant to incite hatred and violence against LGBT people.


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