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Some more resolutions to consider




We''re several days into the new year, enough time for many of us to have already broken whatever resolution we settled on last week. 


But we''d like to suggest a few resolutions of our own, beyond the typical commitments to lose weight, stop smoking and put down the credit cards. And, we have a commitment of our own -- one that we intend to keep, with a little help from you. 


· Get more involved in your community. We ask our readers to make 2011 the year they paid more attention to what''s happening around them. Attend a meeting of your county supervisors, your local city council, or your board of aldermen or selectmen. See for yourself how your government is being run and how your local tax dollars are spent. 


· Shop locally. Make an effort to frequent local businesses. We hear all too often about shopping excursions to Tupelo or Tuscaloosa or even Birmingham. Frequent businesses on your local Main Street -- or along highways 45 and 12, depending on which Golden Triangle city you''re in. Shopping and dining locally puts money directly in the pockets of your neighbors, and strengthens our local tax base. 


· Volunteer. Make this the year you spend time, as well as money, locally. The Golden Triangle is in need of both brain and muscle power. Get off the bench and chip in at your local church, or call your local United Way to find out how you can volunteer. There are countless people who can be lifted up by just a few extra hands. 


· Finally, a resolution from us: We resolve this year to do a better and more thorough job covering our local communities. We''ll do so through our own reporting, photography and video. But we also need your help.  


Write a letter to the editor, or contribute a Community Voices column. Send us your news tips, or your own photos and videos. See a "sore spot" around town that needs attention, or a "bright spot" that deserves praise? Let us know about those, too. See Page 2A for phone numbers and e-mail addresses for news, sports, lifestyles and opinion staff. 


We''re a community newspaper, and anyone in the community can be a contributing writer or photographer. We hold dear the old notion that anyone with 50 cents to buy a copy of the paper is a shareholder in the company. With your help, suggestions and support, we resolve to do our best to serve, inform and enlighten you this year.



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