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Kathleen Parker: Did Bill Clinton unconsciously trip his wife on the road to the White House?

Posted 7/5/2016 in National Columns

Did Bill Clinton unconsciously trip his wife on the road to the White House? But of course Bill Clinton wants his wife to become president of the United States and make history as the nation's first female commander in chief.


Shannon Bardwell: May God bless America

Posted 7/2/2016 in Local Columns

"It was the song of an immigrant boy made good." Mary Ellin Berlin Barrett, daughter of Irving Berlin

Roses and thorns 6/3/16

Posted 7/2/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to all Americans on this Independence Day weekend, and to organizers and volunteers who have taken the time and expense to stage celebrations, large and small, throughout the Golden Triangle to commemorate our nation's 240th birthday.


Our view: School board budget hearing reveals leadership deficit

Posted 7/2/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

The Columbus Municipal School District's budget hearing Thursday evening was dispiriting.



Rheta Johnson: America the beautiful

Posted 7/2/2016 in National Columns

A Wellesley College English professor, Katharine Lee Bates, made a journey by train to Colorado Springs in 1893 and was so inspired by the sights that she wrote a poem.


Patrick Buchanan: Why Trump is routing the free traders

Posted 7/2/2016 in National Columns

In Tuesday's indictment of free trade as virtual economic treason, The Donald has really set the cat down among the pigeons.


Local Voices: Ali funeral evokes memories of another fight in an earlier time

Posted 7/2/2016 in Local Columns

Recently, I watched, mesmerized as those black cars eased through the streets of Louisville. Though by no means a boxing fan, I was feeling the loss of the sassy, classy, gentle presence of "The Greatest," and his unique sense of timing both in the ring and before a microphone. Yes, felt it, though our lives were as separate as hopscotch is from Olympic gold.


Ask Rufus: Celebrating the Fourth

Posted 7/2/2016 in Local Columns

When we think of the Fourth of July, all too many people think of a holiday with family gatherings, fireworks and backyard barbecues. Somehow over the years we have lost much of the sense of gratitude for our country's forefathers, what they accomplished and the timeless documents they created.


Our View: Apathy is the enemy in our school-funding crisis

Posted 7/1/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

Joe Max Higgins surveyed the audience that had gathered at the Nissan Auditorium on the MUW campus. He was not happy with the turnout of about 50 or so Golden Triangle Development LINK Trust and Columbus-Lowndes Chamber of Commerce members who had come to the event.


Lynn Spruill: Pat

Posted 7/1/2016 in Local Columns

Long before Claudia and I were together, she had been a graduate assistant basketball coach for Pat at Tennessee. For a time she had been her roommate but more importantly she had been and remained her friend throughout the intervening years.


Voice of the people: Berry Hinds


Slimantics: Guice edges Oliver to claim Mississippi's Public Servant of the Year honors

Posted 6/30/2016 in Local Columns

Every year at the end of the sports season, it is common for teams and leagues to hand out awards to recognize exceptional performance. Today, marks the end of Mississippi's fiscal year, but somehow there are no awards to commemorate the moment as we pause to consider the work of our Legislature.


Voice of the people: Dave Hood



Wyatt Emmerich: Non-profit journalism

Posted 6/30/2016 in Local Columns

The Mississippi Press Association celebrated its 150th anniversary last week at the Golden Nugget casino in Biloxi.



Our View: Summitt's legacy is her impact on the game, lives

Posted 6/29/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

During his speaking engagement at the Columbus Rotary Club on Tuesday, Mississippi State women's basketball coach Vic Schaefer stressed the importance of not just developing talent, but people.



Charlie Mitchell: It's OK for kids to sit around and wonder

Posted 6/29/2016 in Local Columns

Quiz: Parent One has little kids who often complain of being bored. Parent Two has little kids who are active, involved in everything, have a schedule tighter than Hillary or Donald. Who is the better parent?



Our View: Columbus schools must justify tax increase in face of alternate plan

Posted 6/28/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

Earlier this month Columbus Municipal School District officials presented a preliminary request for an additional $1.4 million to Lowndes Tax Assessor Greg Andrews. Funded solely by the taxpayers of Columbus, it would have represented the largest school tax increase in recent memory.



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