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Patrick Buchanan: A coming era of civil disobedience?

Posted 7/11/2015 in National Columns

The Oklahoma Supreme Court, in a 7-2 decision, has ordered a monument of the Ten Commandments removed from the Capitol. Calling the Commandments "religious in nature and an integral part of the Jewish and Christian faiths," the court said the monument must go.



Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett


Slimantics: Another brick in the wall

Posted 7/10/2015 in Local Columns

Of late, all of the talk about Mississippi's list of "official" things has focused on the state's flag, which features a burning cross in its canton. Or maybe it's a Confederate flag. I forget which. It's one of those wholesome visuals, though.

Lynn Spruill: Political signs: the medium and its message

Posted 7/10/2015 in Local Columns

The Canadian futurist Marshall McLuhan was famous for the phrase, "the medium is the message." Nowhere is this more true when it comes to political signs in local races.


Our View: The wars of summer

Posted 7/9/2015 in Dispatch Editorials

It's summer in Mississippi and, of course, this means war.



Voice of the people: Bonnie Carew



Leonard Pitts: Trump proves GOP proclamations of mortal affront untrue

Posted 7/9/2015 in National Columns

In 2006, then-Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce advocated the return of a 1954 program for the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants. It was called "Operation Wetback."



Our View: Of beeswax and plastic birds

Posted 7/8/2015 in Dispatch Editorials

Two famous men died recently: Don Featherstone and Burt Shavitz.



Kathleen Parker: The age of the professional showoff

Posted 7/8/2015 in National Columns

"So, Mom," he says. "Did you tweet that you were going on 'Meet the Press'?" No. "Did you tweet that you were going on 'Hardball'?" No.


Slimantics: Does 'History' show us the need for Common Core?

Posted 7/7/2015 in Local Columns

It was once little more than an afterthought and what opinions there were of it were generally favorable. Now, it has become a pariah, an object of disgust and scorn.


Voice of the people: Berry Hinds



Voice of the people: J.W. Sprayberry



Froma Harrop: Meditate for success

Posted 7/7/2015 in National Columns

We ambitious strivers seeking guidance from fitness pros, decluttering experts and TED talks often find the day divided in two unequal parts. Three-quarters goes to overworking.


Kayaking the Buttahatchee

Posted 7/6/2015 in Local Columns

The Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Genesis 1:2b


Top sheriff's career began, ended with motorcycles

Posted 7/6/2015 in Local Columns

It has been a year since one of Mississippi's longest-serving sheriffs died, but people in Warren County remember. Everybody has a Paul Barrett story. Most are about how he stepped up when they needed it most.



Voice of the people: Pastors call for change of state flag


Birney Imes: Sonny Strickland's labor of love

Posted 7/4/2015 in Local Columns

ACKERMAN -- By five o'clock Friday afternoon, the cars had begun piling up in the gravel lot in front of two small buildings made of rough-cut timber. Smoke could be seen billowing from an open shed behind the buildings. The air was thick with the heavy fragrance of meat cooking.


Leonard Pitts: The Girl Scouts' inspiring example of moral courage

Posted 7/4/2015 in National Columns

Thank heaven for little girls. So sang French actor Maurice Chevalier in a famous song celebrating "their little eyes so helpless and appealing" and the fact that "they grow up in the most delightful way." Well, we are here to thank heaven for little Girl Scouts -- and for former girl, Megan Ferland, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington. We are indebted to her for a recent inspiring example of moral courage.



Kathleen Parker: The unexpected rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Posted 7/4/2015 in National Columns

Stranger things have happened in American politics, but the sudden surge of Democratic/populist Bernie Sanders and Republican/pompulist Donald Trump puts one in mind of alternate universes. And I don't mean Miss Universes.



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