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Lynn Spruill: Zach's circle of life

Posted 4/24/2015 in Local Columns

He was a most handsome black man with gentle, green eyes. He was lean and muscular, a testament to an athletic past. He came to our office with wonder and some shyness. He was a bit reserved but there was an undeniable sweetness about him.


Kathleen Parker: Mr. Hughes goes to Washington

Posted 4/24/2015 in National Columns

When postal worker Doug Hughes -- otherwise known as the gyrocopter dude -- landed his gizmo on the West Lawn of the Capitol, he wasn't worried about being shot down, he says.



Our View: Rain, better too much than too little

Posted 4/23/2015 in Dispatch Editorials

It's been a soggy spring. The brief respite from rain over the past few days does little to comfort us as we consider the forecast, which calls for -- you guessed it -- even more rain heading into the weekend.



Charlie Mitchell: 'Incumbency Protection Act' is working fairly well

Posted 4/23/2015 in Local Columns

It's April. Mississippi's general election is in November. Want to be on a ballot?



Leonard Pitts: Self-absorbed ESPN reporter gained fame, lost humanity

Posted 4/23/2015 in National Columns

One hardly knows where to begin.


Local voices: The sad irony of spice deaths

Posted 4/22/2015 in Local Columns

This month, press releases from law enforcement and hospitals have poured into the newsroom, each one reporting a new overdose or arrest related to the use and distribution of synthetic marijuana.


Voice of the people: Pauline Redmond



Froma Harrop: The sun is rising on solar panels

Posted 4/22/2015 in National Columns

On the average sunny day, Germany's huge energy grid gets 40 percent of its power from the sun. Guess what happened one recent morning when the sun went into eclipse. Nothing.



Our View: Pilgrimage, including the whole story

Posted 4/21/2015 in Dispatch Editorials

Another Columbus Spring Pilgrimage has passed and once again we pause to thank all of those who helped ensure the success of one of our city's most anticipated annual events.


Slimantics: The coming reign of Dooley I

Posted 4/21/2015 in Local Columns

Mississippi State University held a short coronation ceremony prior to Saturday's spring football game where Bully XXI, aka "Jak" was installed as the university's mascot.


Voice of the people: Frances Hairston



Voice of the people: David Owen


Possumhaw: Bees knees and knotholes

Posted 4/20/2015 in Local Columns

With my own eyes I saw the carpenter bee wiggle into a hole in the wall right beside the recycle bin.


Bill Crawford: Boyce takes hot seat at IHL

Posted 4/20/2015 in Local Columns

Ready or not, Dr. Glenn Boyce has been named IHL Commissioner. He steps into the hot spot abandoned by MUW president Dr. Jim Borsig and recently vacated by now University of Nebraska system president Dr. Hank Bounds.



Kathleen Parker: What we teach kids about drinking

Posted 4/20/2015 in National Columns

For a variety of reasons, I gave up alcohol on Jan. 4. I have your attention, don't I?


Birney Imes: A case for maps

Posted 4/18/2015 in Local Columns

Not all who wander are lost. --J.R.R. Tolkien Before venturing to the outer reaches of Noxubee County last week to visit Charlie Dahlke's farm, I took my "Mississippi Atlas & Gazetteer" and made an enlarged photocopy of page 39. You know the books, the red oversized atlases dedicated to a single state.


Voice of the people: Who has got your back?



Voice of the people: Thank you, community volunteers



Voice of the people: 'Intolerable' situation

Over the course of the past year the parking lot at Leigh Mall has become intolerable. The problem is numerous and massive potholes.



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