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Partick Buchanan: The GOP's Iran dilemma

Posted 7/18/2015 in National Columns

From first reactions, it appears that Hill Republicans will be near unanimous in voting a resolution of rejection of the Iran nuclear deal. They will then vote to override President Obama's veto of their resolution. And if the GOP fails there, Gov. Scott Walker says his first act as president would be to kill the deal.


Our View: Actions matter in campaigns

Posted 7/17/2015 in Dispatch Editorials



Voice of the people: William Henry "Billy" Harris, Jr.


Lynn Spruill: No vote for no shows

Posted 7/17/2015 in Local Columns

Woody Allen is credited with saying "80 percent of life is just showing up."


Our View: Voters deserve to know candidates' position on flag issue

Posted 7/16/2015 in Dispatch Editorials

Tuesday, Rep. Jeff Smith was the guest speaker at the Columbus Rotary Club. Smith, who has been in the Legislature since 1991, prefaced his remarks by saying his talk would be short in order to allow for questions from the audience.



Voice of the people: Danny Williams



Voice of the people: Vera Taylor



Froma Harrop: The GOP can clear the Trump dump

Posted 7/16/2015 in National Columns

You can count on Donald Trump to spark a conversation. Not necessarily an intelligent one but a conversation.



Voice of the people: William T. Brown



Voice of the people: Gary Holtman



Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.


Slimantics: Feels like a Mississippi summer

Posted 7/15/2015 in Local Columns

With Tuesday's release of Harper Lee's long-unpublished "first novel" -- "Go Set A Watchman" -- attention is almost equally divided between this "new" book and Lee's great offering to American literature, "To Kill A Mockingbird."


Rheta Johnson: Stars and bars and endless battles

Posted 7/15/2015 in Local Columns

It strikes me that those who are defending the Confederate flag in the name of their Southern heritage are a little late.



Our View: Law, not personal beliefs, should guide judges' actions

Posted 7/14/2015 in Dispatch Editorials

State law gives judges and county supervisors the right to perform civil marriage ceremonies; however, in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriages in all 50 states, many of those local officials have decided to no longer perform ceremonies for any couple.



Voice of the people: Remembering Mr. Egger


Froma Harrop: Helicopter parents: Why do they hover so?

Posted 7/14/2015 in Local Columns

Helicopter parents are famous for micromanaging their children's affairs.

Shannon Bardwell: Can't never could

Posted 7/13/2015 in Local Columns

It was 1968, and the movie was "Funny Girl." Fanny Brice (played by Barbra Streisand) convinced the Broadway director she could roller skate. In the scene "Rollerskate Rag," Barbra rolls out on stage knocking down everyone in sight.


Charlie Mitchell: Churches have nothing to fear from same-gender ruling

Posted 7/13/2015 in Local Columns

Faced with racially integrating their swimming pools in the 1960s, many Mississippi cities locked the gates.


Ask Rufus: Dating a house and shooting a horse thief

Posted 7/11/2015 in Local Columns

One of the fun things about historical research is getting side tracked.


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