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Charlie Mitchell: Miss. dips its toe in the solar power experiment

Posted 4/14/2015 in Local Columns

Among Mississippi's abundant blessings -- and the state is abundantly blessed -- is sunshine.


Possumhaw: Jungle Jane is alive

Posted 4/13/2015 in Local Columns

I suspected Jane Goodall was dead, only to discover she is very much alive and, on April 3, celebrated her 81st birthday.


Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett



Patrick Buchanan: The long retreat in the culture war

Posted 4/13/2015 in National Columns

The Republican rout in the Battle of Indianapolis provides us with a snapshot of the correlation of forces in the culture wars.


Ask Rufus: Historical highlights of early Columbus

Posted 4/11/2015 in Local Columns

The first Columbus Pilgrimage was held 75 years ago on April 14 through 16 in 1940. A Pilgrimage guidebook was published that contained a section called "Historical Highlights" of Columbus.

Partick Buchanan: Will Bob Corker Save the GOP?

Posted 4/10/2015 in National Columns

"Pat, sometimes it seems like our friends want me to go over the cliff with flags flying," President Reagan once told me. Today, it is "Bibi" Netanyahu and the neocons howling "kill the deal" and "bomb Iran" who are shoving the Republican Party toward the cliff. The question, which may decide 2016, may be framed thus: Should a Republican Congress meticulously point out the flaws and risks of this nuclear deal with Iran and, if the Iranians do cheat or attempt a breakout, be rewarded for their skepticism and statesmanship?

Lynn Spruill: Have some fun: Volunteer

Posted 4/10/2015 in Local Columns

Next week is National Volunteer Week. Volunteer Starkville uses that week to hold an awards banquet to show appreciation for the copious hours spent by members of the community on causes they hold near and dear. Starkville is joined by co-host, the Maroon Volunteer Center, in sponsoring the event and recognizing MSU volunteers. Volunteer Columbus has a similar recognition luncheon for its cast of outstanding volunteers.


Jim Borsig's change of heart

Posted 4/9/2015 in Dispatch Editorials

When Jim Borsig announced his decision to stay on as president of Mississippi University for Women during a speech at Poindexter Hall this morning, it may have appeared to be a bolt out of the blue for the audience.



Froma Harrop: Obamacare should be less complex

Posted 4/9/2015 in National Columns

Let's start on an upbeat. Next to what we had before, Obamacare has been a spectacular success. The Affordable Care Act has brought medical security to millions of previously uninsured Americans and has helped slow the rise in health care spending.



Marty Wiseman: State's shortage of 'human capital' should be cause for concern

Posted 4/9/2015 in Local Columns

The fact that the 2015 legislative session ended with the status quo having been maintained may be viewed as a victory of sorts -- but alas all indications are that it may be only a temporary reprieve. Just prior to the beginning of the session



Other Editors: Dan Jones' episode suggests need for scrutiny of IHL

Posted 4/9/2015 in National Columns

University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones' announcement Thursday that he could not accept the offer of the state's Institutions of Higher Learning board for a limited contract without the possibility of further renewal was one side of a ragged and jarring conclusion in a two-way broken relationship that stirred widespread strong reactions.



Kathleen Parker: Shhh! White House secrets revealed

Posted 4/8/2015 in National Columns

The new tell-all, "The Residence," featuring intimate anecdotes collected from past and current White House staff members, is absolutely delicious -- and utterly lacking in nutritious content.



Leonard Pitts: 'The Culture War' -- a battle the GOP can't win

Posted 4/8/2015 in National Columns

The argument is over and conservatives have lost. Some of them just don't know it yet.



Other Editors: Superintendent commended for promising innovation

Posted 4/8/2015 in National Columns

Give McComb School District Superintendent Dr. Cederick Ellis an "A" for enthusiasm, and if the district's innovative school at Summit works as he envisions it, give him an "A" there too.



Our View: Lowndes schools should take Title IX complaint seriously

Posted 4/7/2015 in Dispatch Editorials

On Friday, the Lowndes County School District Board of Trustees is expected address a complaint from a parent of a New Hope High School freshman over a matter that has been debated for more than 40 years.



Voice of the people: Jiben Roy

Bias is an inclination of human behavior towards a particular thing or side. It can be natural- or rational- or even incident-based. Natural bias is common and may come from your cultural, language, religious, faith, ideology or country of birth.



Charlie Mitchell: Information sellers still in search of a way to get paid

Posted 4/7/2015 in National Columns

Twenty-seven cents. That's what a newspaper in Canada has decided to charge per story for viewers who visit its digital edition and scroll around for news and information.



Possumhaw: All-American pastimes

Posted 4/6/2015 in Local Columns

Spring is unpredictably crazy. Nine days ago it was sleeting at the Mississippi State baseball game. There's something very wrong when a March day leaves ice pellets on your baseball cap.



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