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A good feeling

Who said we do not have good race relations in this section of the country? Let me tell everyone we do.



Peas and carrots, religion and politics

My hero, Forrest Gump, liked to say that some things go together like “peas and carrots." Now of course some persons like peas mixed with carrots and some do not. Politics and religion go together like peas and carrots. Some claim that they are separate and some do not.



A captive audience

What choice do we have? All residents of Columbus have to budget in these trying times. Do we need to drive to West Point, Starkville, Tupelo, or Tuscaloosa to purchase cheaper gas?


Steve Mullen: The reason for the season

Posted 7/1/2009 in Local Columns

Another Fourth of July is almost upon us. A majority of us know how we’ll mark the occasion — probably with fireworks, beer and barbecue. Unfortunately, fewer than half of us have a good idea of why we’re celebrating.


Robbie Coblentz: Requiem for a Camp

Posted 7/1/2009 in Local Columns

Dan Camp has served this city as a community developer, a member of the Starkville School District Board of Education and, most recently, mayor.



A Christian nation

Was Barrack H. Obama bragging about one of his changes when he told the world that we are no longer a Christian nation? Sounded that way to me. Don’t you think he was speaking mainly for himself, his administration and most of the Dems who have been in control of our Congress and Senate since 2006? Surely not speaking about the hard working taxpayers of our country.


Roses and thorns 6/28/09

Posted 6/27/2009 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to Ruth Rast, honored by the Red Cross’ Tenn-Tom Chapter this week as its Volunteer of the Year. Rast was honored for doing everything from working in the chapter’s office to managing an evacuation shelter during Hurricane Gustav. Rast’s volunteering doesn’t end with the Red Cross — she also reads to residents at Trinity Healthcare Center and participates in Angel Food Ministries through Wesley United Methodist Church. We commend Rast for making the Friendly City a much friendlier place.

Birney Imes: Higher ground

Posted 6/27/2009 in Local Columns

Back in high school I had a couple of friends who found the sound of an ambulance siren irresistible. They loved the thrill of the chase and the sight of carnage. Morbid, I know. Not surprisingly, they both ended up working for funeral homes.


Unfinished business: City school superintendent Del Phillips should stick around

Posted 6/25/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

Back when he was selling a package of school improvements that included a new middle school, magnet schools and most recently an extended school year, Superintendent Del Phillips often invoked a Stephen Covey chestnut: “The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.”


Steve Mullen: Ugly babies have it tough

Posted 6/25/2009 in Local Columns

I came across news of a new medical study that compared mothers’ reactions to pictures of attractive babies vs. ugly ones. It turns out that unconditional love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: Moms are quick to drop ugly babies in favor of pretty ones. Unconditional love, it seems, comes with conditions, especially if you have a face only Mom can love — or at least one you thought she did.


David Owen: Stupid is as stupid does

Posted 6/24/2009 in Local Columns

I read in the Friday, June 19 paper that Coach Stacy Hester is going to appeal the County School Board’s decision to not renew his baseball contract (The headline incorrectly stated: “Hester to appeal firing”—he was not fired). I do not know Coach Hester, but judging from his win-loss record, we are indeed losing a talent. I hope he will chase his dream in the college or professional ranks to do there what he has done for New Hope.



Unity picnic and memories of Dr. Stringer

I was glad to see the publicity about the Unity picnic scheduled for next Saturday afternoon, although it is not our city's first such event.



Two huge oaks

In the beautiful great forest of Lowndes County — two huge oaks fell just recently — Fred Jones and Charles Younger. May God bless their families.



Follow the money?

I have been reading the comments regarding the Burns Bottom “sportsplex” with interest, some amusement, and much aggravation. I am reminded of a tale I heard/read many years ago regarding an influential and wealthy State Senator from Columbus. I hope my memory serves me well here.



Steve Rogers: Vicksburg Four: Returning to work with lessons learned

Posted 6/21/2009 in Local Columns

The late Robert Rice, a California artist who died last year, once said, “A lack of solemnity is not necessarily a lack of seriousness.” Wade Beard may not fully understand what Rice meant, but he said basically the same thing Wednesday during his testimony before the Columbus Civil Service Commission.


Steve Mullen: Mississippi’s energy future

Posted 6/21/2009 in Local Columns

When one thinks of energy-producing states, Texas, Alaska and California come to mind, for their oil and gas.


Stacy Hester

One could write about Stacy Hester until the arm ached, and apparently some have. But let me be very brief. In fact, let’s put this in Barney Fife format:



‘An awful idea’

Building a sports complex in Burns Bottom is an awful idea. What happens when downtown needs to expand? Burns Bottom would be an ideal location of adding shops, apartments, restaurants, etc. to the downtown landscape. Six measly soccer/football fields would take away expansion needs from downtown, but at the same time, as the city of Columbus grows, the sportsplex will eventually need to also.



Notorious for flooding

Birney, good column in Sunday's paper, as well as the other one in which you wrote about the Burns Bottom location for the six soccer fields.



Roger Short: The time has come to act

Posted 6/17/2009 in Local Columns

As I sat in church this past Sunday morning, I found it difficult to concentrate on worship—sorry Brother Mickey— because of so many thoughts I was having about the proposed soccer/footballplex. I found myself thinking of reasons to defend the many hours that have gone into the process that has led us to where we are now.



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