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Lynn Spruill: The arts

Posted 11/15/2013 in Local Columns



Leonard Pitts: A breath of fresh air from the Vatican

Posted 11/15/2013 in National Columns



Leonard Pitts: Mr. President, you lied

Posted 11/14/2013 in National Columns



Kathleen Parker: Doubling down on double standards

Posted 11/14/2013 in National Columns


Frances Hairston: A perfect day in the Prairie

Posted 11/13/2013 in Local Columns

October is my favorite month, especially when it was as beautiful as the one just past. Lovely days. A recent Saturday was one of those perfect days, a perfect day for taking pictures and for painting outside.


Susan Estrich: Cancellation politics

Posted 11/13/2013 in National Columns


Slimantics: A 'right smart' Thanksgiving mystery

Posted 11/12/2013 in Local Columns

Everyone talks about the start of the Christmas season, but nobody ever really mentions when Thanksgiving Season begins. There is no Black Friday for Thanksgiving, where grocery stores open at midnight and you can get killer deals on turkeys and cranberries and potatoes, etc.


Thomas Sowell: Tea Party at the crossroads

Posted 11/12/2013 in National Columns


Possumhaw: Live trapping beaver

Posted 11/11/2013 in Local Columns

Critters were building huts in the dam. Be it nutria or beaver, I thought I could trap it in my live trap.

Charlie Mitchell: Issue is not health care, but who pays for health care

Posted 11/11/2013 in Local Columns

Fred has four children. As they head out to the bus stop each Monday morning, he gives each one $10 for snacks and incidentals. Question: How much cash must Fred have? The math is not difficult.


Voice of the people: Mike Drogula


Ask Rufus: Unsung heroes

Posted 11/9/2013 in Local Columns

On Friday, I spoke at the Base Community Council luncheon at Columbus Air Force Base. My topic was stories my father had told me about his World War II experiences as a tail gunner on a B-17 named Smoky Stover Jr., which was shot down near Frankfurt, Germany.

Slim Smith: How are we supposed to know it's Christmas?

Posted 11/9/2013 in Local Columns

The older I get, the more of a Traditionalist I become and the world becomes an increasingly confusing place. One by one, I have seen time-honored traditions gone to seed. It is a world without rules, without order. Chaos reigns. Each day, it seems, another familiar guidepost crumbles.


Rheta Johnson: Country mouse in a city trap

Posted 11/9/2013 in National Columns

ATLANTA -- In 1994, I borrowed the truck that hauled the loaner bed to the thinly disguised doublewide I was renting outside of Atlanta.



Susan Estrich: The Tsongas Bill

Posted 11/9/2013 in National Columns

That's what it was called back in 1979, when Paul Tsongas, the freshman senator from Massachusetts, introduced a bill to amend Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to add sexual orientation to the list (which already included race, religion and sex) of things you couldn't (absent narrow exceptions) base employment decisions on.



Leonard Pitts: For adults, there's no room for childish behavior

Posted 11/9/2013 in National Columns

Boys will be boys. Strip away the extraneous verbiage and that is what much of the defense of Richie Incognito boils down to. Incognito, a Miami Dolphins lineman, was booted from the team a few days ago -- perhaps permanently -- for abusive conduct, racist language and bullying behavior toward fellow lineman Jonathan Martin. Incognito's teammates are firmly on his side.


Kathleen Parker: Obamacare Rx: a well-delivered apology

Posted 11/9/2013 in National Columns

President Obama is no lip-biting, tear-streaked, chin-trembling apologist.


Lynn Spruill: Partisan politics has no place in local races

Posted 11/8/2013 in Local Columns

Oktibbeha County along with several nearby local governments had special elections this week. In our case it was for county prosecutor.



Kathleen Parker: The sin of omission in Obamacare

Posted 11/8/2013 in National Columns

Among the many rules I grew up with, two stand out. The first was to never call someone a liar, which was considered the worst character indictment one could issue. The accuser had best be prepared to fight or be fleet of foot.



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