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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett

While I deplore -- no, I detest -- the decision by the mayor and city council of Columbus to not fly the state flag on municipal buildings, I believe it is within their rights to do so. To me it is a knee-jerk, spineless, politically-correct response to a manufactured problem, unworthy of the time and effort currently being spent on it.



Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar Jr.

Take the Mississippi flag down. Prejudices are gone with the removal of a flag. Really? Prejudice is a heart thing not a flag issue.



Voice of the people: Raymond Gross

The right way to determine if a change needs to be made in our state flag is to put it to a vote state-wide -- to change or not to change, as we did some time ago.



Susan Estrich: The 'no shame' debate

Posted 7/25/2015 in National Columns

No one has a later term abortion because she's changed her mind about having a baby. Doctors in almost all states won't perform them for that reason; and, by the way, what kind of beasts do you think women are? Late-term abortions are tragedies, often a last resort because much-wanted babies, or their mothers, develop conditions not consistent with life.



Patrick Buchanan: 'A New Dark Age'

Posted 7/24/2015 in National Columns

"If God does not exist, then everything is permissible."



Froma Harrop: Sensitivity over at Gawker

Posted 7/24/2015 in National Columns

The truth will make you free, the more horrible the better. And the more humiliating the truth the richer you get -- certainly if you're Nick Denton, founder of the gossip-mongering website Gawker. But that was Phase One.



Our View: Out of the shadows, a question emerges

Posted 7/23/2015 in Dispatch Editorials

Joe Max Higgins isn't the biggest man in Lowndes County, but he does cast the biggest shadow.



Voice of the people: Harold W. Lewis



Kathleen Parker: Why we can't dismiss Donald Trump

Posted 7/23/2015 in National Columns

Donald Trump can't help himself. Nor can we.



Our View: Columbus provides model on how to deal with state flag

Posted 7/22/2015 in Dispatch Editorials

The debate over the Mississippi flag will continue for another five months, possibly longer if the Legislature takes the coward's path and defers to the voters to settle the matter at the polls.



Voice of the people: James Goolsby



Voice of the people: Nan Lott



Susan Estrich: The Donald

Posted 7/22/2015 in National Columns

What's wrong with the way we pick our presidents? The answer has got to be: plenty.



Voice of the people: Morris Williams



Voice of the people: Earl Windle



Voice of the people: Raymond Gross



Charlie Mitchell: River of knowledge growing wider, but not deeper

Posted 7/21/2015 in Local Columns

It has been more than 400 years since Polonius, a character in Shakespeare's Hamlet, observed that "brevity is the soul of wit."


Local voices: 'Mockingbird' undiminished by Lee's lesser offering

Posted 7/20/2015 in Local Columns

The premise to Harper Lee's second novel, "Go Set a Watchman," feels like the set-up of a satire or butt of a joke: Grown-up Scout comes home from New York to find that Atticus has joined the White Citizens Council.


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