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Leonard Pitts: Why Mark Carson matters

Posted 5/24/2013 in National Columns



Charles Krauthammer: There's a fly in my soup

Posted 5/24/2013 in National Columns



Voice of the people: Angie Carnathan



Froma Harrop: Oklahoma!

Posted 5/23/2013 in National Columns



Our view: The scrutiny democracy demands and the public deserves

Posted 5/22/2013 in Dispatch Editorials

At Tuesday night's Starkville Board of Aldermen meeting, Ward 6 Alderman Roy A. Perkins expressed frustration with local media over coverage of the Starkville Parks Commission's recent budget woes. A recent audit found the SPC's maintenance budget of $180,000 had only $12.35 left in it, with six months left to go in the year.



Susan Estrich: Graduation day

Posted 5/22/2013 in National Columns



Katrina Heuvel: Going Bulworth

Posted 5/22/2013 in National Columns



Voice of the people: Starkville election

Restaurants typically steer clear of publicly endorsing political candidates.



Our view: CVB ethics policy a welcome development

Posted 5/21/2013 in Dispatch Editorials

Is there anything that's not been said about the Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau and its policy of funding festivals organized and orchestrated by elected officials and board members?



Charlie Mitchell: Champions of liberty are often the worst abusers

Posted 5/21/2013 in Local Columns



Michael Gerson: Government's heavy hand felt in IRS, AP scandals

Posted 5/21/2013 in National Columns



Bill Crawford: Newspapers vital to communities

Posted 5/20/2013 in Local Columns



Voice of the people: Bill Poe



Voice of the people: Raymond Gross



Birney Imes: Random notes

Posted 5/18/2013 in Local Columns

Remember when Coke bottles had the name of the town where it had been bottled stamped on the bottom? The other day while my grandson and I were knocking around in a vacant lot, he found a piece of one of these old bottles with "Columbus, Miss." on the bottom. When I told him it was an old bottle, he asked if it had been around when Elvis was alive.



Froma Harrop: Bangladesh and us

Posted 5/18/2013 in National Columns

You know a corner's been turned when someone in a legion of foreign sweatshop workers is given a face. That's happened in Bangladesh, home of hideous factory conditions -- as seen in the ruins of Rana Plaza, a former eight-story work warren. Death toll: over 1,100.



George Will: In IRS scandal, echoes of Watergate

Posted 5/18/2013 in National Columns

This administration aggressively hawked the fiction that the Benghazi attack was just an excessively boisterous movie review. Now we are told that a few wayward souls in Cincinnati, with nary a trace of political purpose, targeted for harassment political groups with "tea party" and "patriot" in their titles. The Post has reported that the IRS also targeted groups that " criticized the government and sought to educate Americans about the U.S. Constitution."


Ask Rufus:

Posted 5/18/2013 in Local Columns

Today, few people realize the extent of European activity during the 1700s in the Tombigbee Valley or how European conflicts between the French and English spilled over into our region. The 1700s were turbulent times in northeast Mississippi and west Alabama.


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