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Voice of the people: Jim Hunt



Voice of the people: Berry Hinds



Mona Charen: What the cave boys teach us about abortion

Posted 7/13/2018 in National Columns

Twelve boys and their adult coach trapped in a dank, oxygen-deprived cave in Thailand riveted the world's attention for two weeks.


Slimantics: 'Reeves Way' and the politics of patronage

Posted 7/12/2018 in Local Columns

Did Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves bully the Mississippi Department of Transportation into building a $2 million road from his gated community to a nearby shopping center?


Steve Chapman: Kavanaugh and the myth of strict construction

Posted 7/12/2018 in National Columns

When Donald Trump announced his nominee for the Supreme Court on Monday, he said he wanted someone who could set aside his political views "to do what the law and the Constitution require."



Our View: Public records should be accessible to all

Posted 7/11/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

Tuesday, The Dispatch filed a complaint with the Mississippi Ethics Commission against the Columbus-Lowndes Convention & Visitors Bureau.



Froma Harrop: Roe v. Wade is yesterday's fight

Posted 7/11/2018 in National Columns

If the Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v. Wade, the right to an abortion might no longer be law of the land.



Leonard Pitts: Tired of having to explain ourselves

Posted 7/11/2018 in National Columns

For barbecuing. For selling bottled water. For napping in a dorm. For mowing a lawn. For smoking.



Our View: MSU coach's payday is earned but players deserve compensation too

Posted 7/10/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

Monday, Vic Schaefer became a multi-millionaire.



Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett



Charlie Mitchell: Heavenly: State can increase taxes without a tax increase

Posted 7/10/2018 in Local Columns

Close your eyes. Imagine being a politician in a cash-strapped state. Imagine your people -- those who voted for you based on your firm stance against tax increases -- are going to be hit up for another $100 million every year.



Voice of the people: Lisa Long



Voice of the people: Cathy Grace

Posted 7/9/2018 in National Columns



Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett


Ask Rufus: A River Pilot's Story

Posted 7/7/2018 in Local Columns

The Eliza Battle was considered one of the largest and finest steamers on the Tombigbee during the 1850s and had been described as a floating palace.


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