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Voice of the people: Peggy Cox



Voice of the people: Dannie Hughes



Steve Chapman: Trump makes himself look guilty

Posted 5/11/2017 in National Columns

Among Donald Trump's many shortcomings are the vast amount of history he doesn't know and the little he does.



Our View: Children and domestic abuse

Posted 5/10/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

This week's decision by a Lowndes County not to indict Davius Smith in the shooting death of his father, Robert Smith Jr., again focuses attention on the subject of domestic violence.



Voice of the people: Duane Perkins



Bernard Goldberg: President Trump's secret weapon

Posted 5/10/2017 in National Columns

He can't go 10 minutes without saying something -- let's be diplomatic here and call it ... provocative.



Our View: Hickman, a lame-duck superintendent?

Posted 5/9/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

Sometimes the best move you can make is to make no move at all.



Steve Chapman: Our lazy president

Posted 5/9/2017 in National Columns

Donald Trump has many worrisome, regrettable and even deplorable traits. But after studying him for the past two years, I have concluded he has an overlooked quality that cancels out many of his bad ones. Say what you will, the man is lazy.



Salena Zito: Hillary's perfectly crafted untruths

Posted 5/9/2017 in National Columns

After 17 years at the same company, Dawn Wilson has just lost her job.


Possumhaw: Late breaking news on the black-bellied whistling duck

Posted 5/8/2017 in Local Columns

As good fortune would have it, my walking partner, Shirley, and I encountered a gentleman at Plymouth Bluff who was outfitted in dust-colored clothing, a vest full of pockets, and looking altogether like a National Geographic "birder."


Patrick Buchanan: Nixon and Trump, then and now

Posted 5/8/2017 in National Columns

For two years, this writer has been consumed by two subjects.


Partial to Home: 'Weird' pieces of pork

Posted 5/6/2017 in Local Columns

Facing a day of rain, I went to Starbucks Sunday, a week ago, and bought a New York Times. Regardless your politics, the Sunday Times can be a cornucopia of delights and -- assuming you have two hours or so to devote to it -- the best argument I can think of for hold-in-your-hands newspaper reading.


Bill Crawford: Who cares about health care in Mississippi?

Posted 5/6/2017 in National Columns

"Mississippi finishes last - again - among all states in annual health ranking," read the December headline in the Biloxi Sun-Herald.



Patrick Buchanan: How Berkeley birthed the right

Posted 5/6/2017 in National Columns

In December 1964, a Silver Age of American liberalism, to rival the Golden Age of FDR and the New Deal, seemed to be upon us.



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