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Mona Charen: There's more than one kind of corruption

Posted 8/3/2018 in National Columns

When people think of corruption in high places, they tend to think of elites feathering their own nests.


Slimantics: Reeves, Hood show their hand at Neshoba County Fair

Posted 8/2/2018 in Local Columns

The men who are expected to face off next year in the Mississippi Governor's race shared a stage for the first time Wednesday.


Froma Harrop: Female candidates must move beyond #MeToo

Posted 8/2/2018 in National Columns

Have you heard? A woman who recently ran for president got nearly 3 million more votes than Donald Trump.



Larry Elder: Anne Hathaway is making 'race relations' worse

Posted 8/2/2018 in National Columns

Dear Ms. Anne Hathaway, Two black sisters at an Oakland, California, subway station were attacked by a knife-wielding white man.



Our View: When Harry dumped Sally

Posted 8/1/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

The split between the county's board of supervisors - more specifically board president Harry Sanders -- and the city of Columbus has been compared to a divorce, a messy one at that.



Leonard Pitts: Trump is a president whose words are weightless

Posted 8/1/2018 in National Columns

Maybe you remember when Mexico was going to pay for the wall.



Our View: See a need? Take a plunge

Posted 7/31/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

The story is told of George Armstrong Custer during his service as a young Union lieutenant in the Civil War.



Patrick Buchanan: Will tribalism trump Democracy?

Posted 7/31/2018 in National Columns

On July 19, the Knesset voted to change the nation's Basic Law.



Charlie Mitchell: Some not entertained by Reeves-Hood kerfuffle

Posted 7/30/2018 in Local Columns

OK, well, so no one is going to prison over "roadgate."



Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett



Steve Chapman: On North Korea and Iran, Trump is deluding himself

Posted 7/30/2018 in National Columns

Take a tough Republican president, a Chinese government committed to help us and a North Korean government faced with demands for denuclearization, and what do you get?


Ask Rufus: A visit to Massacre Island

Posted 7/28/2018 in Local Columns

Last week we went to Massacre Island, Alabama, which is not only a delightful vacation spot but a place intertwined with the history of the Tombigbee River Valley.

Possumhaw: Four bits -- read all about it

Posted 7/28/2018 in Local Columns

"I asked the Lord to help me wake up earlier every morning and He gave me a paper route." Cindy Webb, former paper carrier


Wyatt Emmerich: State legislature more autocratic under Republicans

Posted 7/28/2018 in National Columns

Since the Republicans replaced the Democrats as the dominant party in Mississippi a lot has changed in our state. The Republicans have been good at cutting but not so good at governing.



Mona Charen: Can feminists cure what ails men?

Posted 7/28/2018 in National Columns

"Boys need feminists' help too," declares Feministing.com founder Jessica Valenti. Writing in The New York Times, Valenti worries that while women "protest, run for office, and embrace the movement for gender equality in record numbers, a generation of mostly white men are being radicalized into believing that their problems stem from women's progress."



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