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Our View: The W celebrates - and we're all invited

Posted 1/31/2019 in Dispatch Editorials



Voice of the people: Genevieve Gibson



Leonard Pitts Jr.: Redistribute the pain

Posted 1/31/2019 in National Columns

Next time, they should redistribute the pain.



Our View: Are we getting too alarmist with school weather days?

Posted 1/30/2019 in Dispatch Editorials



Voice of the people: Mike Willis



Voice of the people: Jerry Fortenberry



Aaron Rice: State should not re-authorize administrative forfeiture

Posted 1/30/2019 in National Columns

If you asked most Mississippians whether the state should be able to confiscate cash and property from a person who was never charged with, much less convicted of a crime, the answer would be a resounding "no." Yet this is exactly what occurs every day under a practice known as civil forfeiture.


Weapons and $65K in drugs seized in raid

Posted 1/29/2019 in National Columns

Narcotics officers with the Columbus-Lowndes joint narcotics task force recovered about $65,000 worth of illegal drugs in a raid in south Columbus Sunday.


Our View: Electric co-ops are key to bridging digital divide

Posted 1/29/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Gov. Phil Bryant is expected to sign the Broadband Enabling Act into law by the end of the month. The law, which removes restrictions prohibiting electric power co-operatives in the state from providing internet service to its customers, has the potential to close what is called "the digital divide" like no other measure in our state's history.



Froma Harrop: Shutdown hit a wall of truth evasion

Posted 1/29/2019 in National Columns

It's hard to count the half-truths, warped symbolism and abuse of logic that plunged our country into a government shutdown. Sure, blatant lies will do it, but these other players are worse because they are sneaky.



Larry Elder: Meet the heretics: Not every liberal is anti-Trump

Posted 1/29/2019 in National Columns

Regular viewers of ABC, NBC and CBS evening newscasts could be forgiven it they believe every liberal despises President Donald Trump.


Possumhaw: Warm within and cold without

Posted 1/29/2019 in Local Columns

Sometimes the house feels like it's holding a chill. I add layer upon layer until I think I could hardly bend over, but still there's a chill.


Voice of the people: Cameron Triplet



Marc Dion: Stay with your own kind

Posted 1/29/2019 in National Columns

I've always lived among my own kind, which is humans, cats, dogs and the birds I feed in my yard. You can see someone who is a member of all those species if you look out the window of the apartment I live in, a second-floor apartment in the three-floor apartment building I own.


Partial to Home: Moon river

Posted 1/26/2019 in Local Columns

It was a scene straight out of Huck Finn. Two guys standing around a campfire on a remote island in a wide river, bright moon and stars overhead.


Other editors: More public scrutiny, not less, needed at MDOC

Posted 1/26/2019 in National Columns

It is unfortunate that the state agency tasked with incarcerating those found guilty of crimes has so little regard for the law -- at least certain parts of the law.



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