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Shannon Bardwell: Hand over your paper, ma'am

Posted 9/15/2010 in Local Columns

I miss the old ways. I really do.


Celebrating Tennessee

Posted 9/14/2010 in Dispatch Editorials

How many hometowns does Tennessee Williams have? Clarksdale, New Orleans, Provincetown, Mass., and Columbus all have a claim on the playwright and all hold literary events in his honor.



Explaining a 'necessary evil'

My predecessor once told me that "you can go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows." He was oh so right with that statement. It's just something about getting into a person's pocketbook that brings out a different side of them that you've never met before.



Appreciates support

On behalf of United Way of Lowndes County, we would like to say a huge thank you to all the companies and volunteers who made our "Day to Care" possible on Sept. 9.



Letter: Appreciates kindness from an 'angel of mercy'

On Aug. 21, I was a passenger on Delta Flight 174 from Atlanta to Amsterdam with my final destination being Berlin where I was to visit my son for two weeks.



Editorial: Inmate GED program can pay dividends

Posted 9/13/2010 in Dispatch Editorials

As ironic as it sounds, some local inmates can thank getting locked up for giving them a jump start on their education.



Letter: In defense of Oktibbeha County schools

I think that it is unfair to state that Starkville schools rank better than Oktibbeha in scores that compare schools nationwide.


Roses and thorns 9-12-2010

Posted 9/12/2010 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to the Lowndes County jail for resuming its GED program for inmates after a 10-year hiatus.

Birney Imes: Literary notes

Posted 9/12/2010 in Local Columns

About the new color scheme for Tennessee Williams' Welcome Center one of our readers wrote, "I think the colors are hideous and have yet to hear anybody else say otherwise." At this writing 38 percent of respondents to our online poll have said otherwise while 54 percent don't like it. The rest are on the fence.

Jay Lacklen: Starship troopers

Posted 9/12/2010 in Local Columns

In 1970, soon after pilot training equipment issue, I took my helmet into the bathroom and locked the door.


A house of a different color

Posted 9/10/2010 in Dispatch Editorials

Tennessee Williams scholars, actors, and even some friends and family of the famed playwright have been gathering in Columbus this week for the tribute and tour held each year in the Pulitzer-winner's honor.



Editorial: An un-American, un-Christian act

Posted 9/9/2010 in Dispatch Editorials

Religious extremists do extreme things, no matter their religion. That's why we're not surprised that the wrong-headed leader of a small church in Florida plans to burn a Quran, Islam's holy book, in a bonfire on Sept. 11.



Letter: Think Barbour would make a great president

If (the biggest word in the English language) memory serves me correctly Steve Mullen came here from California.



Letter: Caledonia's jewel of a library

My family has lived in Caledonia for over 12 years now.



Internet search just got better with Google Instant

Posted 9/9/2010 in Local Columns

On Wednesday Google rolled out their Google Instant feature. Google Instant makes searching much easier and faster by actually showing search results to you while you type your keywords.


Steve Mullen: Unstimuluslike conduct

Posted 9/8/2010 in Local Columns

On cue, the anti-Obama is behaving very unstimuluslike.


Musings on newspapers and how they are changing

As the Internet gets more and more common, even dinosaurs like me are becoming comfortable using it. At the same time, various methods of print media are fading from use.



Marty Wiseman: Is Mississippi becoming more like America, or vice versa?

Posted 9/7/2010 in Local Columns

The annual rhetorical outburst that is fast becoming customary during the sweltering month of August has certainly served as the impetus for more than a few moments of reflection. Perhaps the highlight this year was conservative commentator Glenn Beck's dusting off of the spot where Dr. Martin Luther King made his classic "I have a Dream Speech" to make a national religious call to arms.


Roses and thorns 9-5-10

Posted 9/4/2010 in Roses & Thorns

Roast-n-Boast barbecue contest participants and organizers; organizers of Travis Outlaw Day; Starkville volunteers; and Leroy Brooks


Sidewalk plans comply with city rules

Let's set the record straight. In the August 30th edition of "readers comment," an anonymous posting asked questions about the sidewalk conflict at GTP&DD in Starkville.



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