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Walking lessons

Posted 3/25/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

Once upon a time, decades ago, mothers were able to let their elementary-aged children roam free and alone.



A cautionary tale



The passing

On March 20th, Mel Brown passed away in Kitchener, Ontario. He had lived in Canada for several years and was considered the "BB King" of Canada.


Steve Mullen: Getting ready for ‘the girls’

Posted 3/25/2009 in Local Columns

If you’ve seen the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey,” you have an idea of what they look like.

Birney Imes: Good books

Posted 3/24/2009 in Local Columns

Deborah, a friend visiting from New York who loves most things Southern, invoked the spirit of Eudora Welty Friday evening. At issue was whether she should have a dessert made from chocolate, pecans and vanilla ice cream.


Sweet weekend, good barbecue

On behalf of the “Grilling on the River ‘09” committee, staff and volunteers, many heartfelt thanks to all of Columbus, Lowndes County, and the Golden Triangle.


Roses and thorns 3-22-09

Posted 3/22/2009 in Roses & Thorns

Harvey Myrick, Karen Stanley, Columbus-Lowndes Development Link, Tommy Parker, Sherilyn Richardson, Reed Mackay and the city of Starkville


Our new look

Posted 3/18/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

Starting today, readers will see a slimmed-down Commercial Dispatch with a fresh, new look.




Our District One Congressman is still waiting for my call to thank him for voting “yes” on President Obama’s pay back spending spree. Well, it ain’t never gonna happen and I bet everyone who can “add to and take away” feels the same way. Cause after comparing the Obama stimulus to the Bush stimulus, this is what you get: Under Bush we poor folk received 1,200 big ones, which is the same as the filthy rich received. Under Obama the filthy rich received millions and billions; we have received nothing. Should we be calling to say thanks? No way. I just can’t wait for the big fat tax increase so they can start sending more money abroad, how about you?


Steve Mullen: Found poetry

Posted 3/18/2009 in Local Columns

There is a certain poetry about Columbus — literally. Writers are among us, in places you wouldn’t expect, recording bits of everyday life.


The “new” Dispatch

The new, narrower Dispatch should indeed be easier for some to handle. I am essentially one-armed since my left side was severely handicapped by a stroke five years ago. The daily TV listings should not be too much of a problem, as long as you list the NEXT day’s programs. Some people don’t get a paper until late in the afternoon.


Roses and thorns 3-15-09

Posted 3/14/2009 in Roses & Thorns

Mississippi University for Women, Dr. Del Phillips and Willie E. King

Birney Imes: Joe Hogan’s legacy

Posted 3/14/2009 in Local Columns

“Hey, didn’t you say you were on Paul Harvey?” Nancy Perkins asked her husband when she heard news of the radio broadcaster’s death recently. 


Okie dokie politics



Willie King

Posted 3/11/2009 in Dispatch Editorials



Questions accountability



Del Phillips: An innovative plan for educational improvement

Posted 3/11/2009 in Local Columns



Agrees with letter writer, columnist


Roses and thorns

Posted 3/7/2009 in Roses & Thorns


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