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Froma Harrop: Trump economy fails to wow many investors

Posted 10/27/2017 in National Columns

A rich guy I know really, really dislikes Donald Trump.



Our View: Governor, Legislature shouldn't pass the buck on flag, tax increase

Posted 10/26/2017 in Dispatch Editorials

On Monday, Elizabeth Abston and Julian Rankin of the Mississippi Museum of Art, unfurled Mississippi's bi-centennial flag during the Hazard Lecture Series at Heritage Academy Elementary School.



Connie Schultz: Yes, it's bad out there, but you're not alone

Posted 10/26/2017 in National Columns

The young cashier smiled as she requested my driver's license to prove I was old enough to buy Cabernet in Columbus, Ohio. I complied and thanked her for making my day.


Slimantics: A short look at the life and times of Beth Ann Fennelly

Posted 10/25/2017 in Local Columns

Beth Ann Fennelly's latest book, "Heating & Cooling: 52 Micro-Memoirs," had been published just 10 days before Friday's opening session of the Eudora Welty Writer's Symposium at Poindexter Hall.


Leonard Pitts: Will CNN's new Facebook ad be effective?

Posted 10/25/2017 in National Columns

You see an apple.


Slimantics: Jerry Rice is proof I'm not fat

Posted 10/24/2017 in Local Columns

A few weeks ago, the Biloxi School District's decision to remove Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird" from its eighth-grade language arts curriculum made news throughout the nation, inviting criticism both here in the state and beyond.


Froma Harrop: The charges against Weinstein and O'Reilly need sorting

Posted 10/24/2017 in National Columns

It would take a really big jerk to steal the sexual predator headlines from Harvey Weinstein. Defrocked Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly apparently has what it takes.


Possumhaw: Meditations on home

Posted 10/23/2017 in Local Columns

There are few opportunities I love more than being quiet at home -- sometimes if only for a short time, maybe doing nothing at all but staring into space or out the window and thinking all those thoughts that, in the busyness of a day or week, I've had no time to think.


Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett



Charlie Mitchell: McCain: America's example remains crucial to world

Posted 10/23/2017 in Local Columns

Rah-rah speeches by politicians rarely make good fodder for opinion columns. Journalists hear these talks often, become jaded by just another guy using grandiose language.



Patrick Buchanan: Is liberalism a dying faith?

Posted 10/22/2017 in National Columns

Asked to name the defining attributes of the America we wish to become, many liberals would answer that we must realize our manifest destiny since 1776, by becoming more equal, more diverse and more democratic -- and the model for mankind's future.


Leonard Pitts: Donald Trump, the poster boy for white privilege

Posted 10/21/2017 in National Columns

Perhaps you remember Barack Obama's so-called "patriotism problem." It was that some people said he didn't have any. The claim was based on the flimsiest of evidence: his failure to wear an American flag pin on his lapel and a picture, widely circulated online, that purported to show him with hands clasped instead of over his heart, refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Partial to Home: Keep them doggies rollin' ...

Posted 10/21/2017 in Local Columns

Earlier this year Doug Wheeler, 76, broke his ankle while water skiing. During his seven-week convalescence, his wife, Pat, chauffeured him on his daily rounds.


Bill Crawford: True conservative leaders know how to get things done

Posted 10/21/2017 in National Columns

Lots of political yammer about who's a real conservative and who's not. So, how do you tell?



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