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Kathleen Parker: Is Steve Bannon really as bad as all that?

Posted 11/17/2016 in National Columns

If you'd never heard of Stephen K. Bannon before Tuesday, you have now.



Froma Harrop: Goodbye, Facebook.

Posted 11/17/2016 in National Columns

Dear Facebook friends, If you don't see me gushing over the pix of your Thanksgiving pies, take no offense.



Our View: Needed: more young talent in public service

Posted 11/16/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

Parker Wiseman is an anomaly.



Patrick Buchanan: A Trump Doctrine -- 'America first'

Posted 11/16/2016 in National Columns

However Donald Trump came upon the foreign policy views he espoused, they were as crucial to his election as his views on trade and the border.



Froma Harrop: Democrats must drop identity politics

Posted 11/16/2016 in National Columns

What follows here is remarkably similar to what I had planned to write after an expected and prayed-for Hillary Clinton victory: Obsessive appeals to racial, ethnic, sexual and gender identity groupings are bad politics.



Our View: 'Special' relationships lead to a better society

Posted 11/15/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

Monday's Unified Egg Bowl reminds us of how far we have come in our understanding of the disabled, particularly those who suffer from mental disabilities.



Voice of the people: Larry Lewis



Kathleen Parker: Is the White House already changing Donald Trump?

Posted 11/15/2016 in National Columns

itnesses who tuned in to Donald Trump and Barack Obama's post-election get-together can't have missed the change in the president-elect's demeanor and affect.



Voice of the people: Sarah Studdard



Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett


Possumhaw: Then there was rain

Posted 11/14/2016 in Local Columns

Green circles created by circular sprinklers leave the front yard looking like alien spaceships landed. I told a friend deer have come closer to the house than ever before and they were eating the vegetation, pulling flowers from pots; even eating the palm tree fronds and nipping the pineapple plant.


Charlie Mitchell: Mississippi went anti-establishment 25 years ago

Posted 11/14/2016 in National Columns

America has chosen a path charted by Mississippi in 1991.


Ask Rufus: Two veterans

Posted 11/13/2016 in Local Columns

Friday was Veterans Day and one of the few holidays still celebrated primarily with parades and public programs.

Birney Imes: By way of the river

Posted 11/12/2016 in Local Columns

Friday morning around 11 o'clock Dick Leike stood on the widow's walk of Riverview and gazed out over the treetops toward the river and the black prairie beyond. The sun had cleared the oak trees in the front yard of the house, and the stained glass of the cupola behind Leike glowed like neon. The cupola is as large as a two-car garage and is, like every other feature of this Greek revival treasure, majestic.


Voice of the people: John S. Hallman



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