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Patrick Buchanan: What hath Trump wrought?

Posted 11/8/2016 in National Columns

"If I don't win, this will be the greatest waste of time, money and energy in my lifetime," says Donald Trump.



Froma Harrop: Have we lost our sense of humor?

Posted 11/8/2016 in National Columns

You'd think there'd have been more laughs.


Possumhaw: Soaking in quietness

Posted 11/7/2016 in Local Columns

My "stay-cation" came and went like a dream, as did the quiet.


Our View: Janet Reno

Posted 11/7/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

The death of Janet Reno on the eve of the presidential election is particularly poignant.



Voice of the people: Jiben Roy



Kathleen Parker: Calm down. We'll be fine no matter who wins.

Posted 11/7/2016 in National Columns

You can feel the tension.


Partial to Home: Conversation under an oak tree

Posted 11/5/2016 in Local Columns

"I'm gonna miss that tree," said Jimmy Cole. He was nodding toward a white oak that might have been a seedling when Lincoln took the dais at Gettysburg.

Roses and thorns 11/6/16

Posted 11/5/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to every man and woman who has served as an American soldier. Veterans Day is this week, and honoring those who have fought for our freedoms should strike each citizen as both an honor and a duty.


Our view: Seeking the better angels of our nature

Posted 11/5/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

Today, two days before the 2016 presidential election, we make a prediction with full confidence: On Tuesday, Americans will go to the polls and select the second least popular president in our history.


Ask Rufus: Two heroes

Posted 11/5/2016 in Local Columns

At the close of a divisive political campaign, two very real heroes came to mind last week.


Our View: The unseen costs of war

Posted 11/4/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

"Outlandish." That's how Judie G. Holmes described the number of active duty and veteran military suicides in the United States when speaking with the Columbus Exchange Club on Thursday.


Lynn Spruill: Should city be giving handouts to Walmart?

Posted 11/4/2016 in Local Columns

The Starkville Board of Aldermen is getting a full court press to grant yet another TIF (Tax Increment Financing).


Voice of the people: Berry Hinds



Jaime Stiehm: FBI director won't let democracy be

Posted 11/4/2016 in National Columns

James B. Comey, the FBI director, is above it all.



Our View: Ensuring success of the amphitheater

Posted 11/3/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

As construction of the multi-million dollar Terry Brown Amphitheater begins in earnest near the Riverwalk, it brings with it great promise.



Kathleen Parker: It's mourning in America

Posted 11/3/2016 in National Columns

One more week, give or take.



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