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Possumhaw: Let's talk turkey

Posted 11/21/2016 in Local Columns

There's lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.


Voice of the people: Joe Sullivan



Leonard Pitts: Maybe we aren't alarmist enough

Posted 11/21/2016 in National Columns

A few days ago, a black woman I know got a text from a friend who asked what she'd be wearing "to the slave auction in January."



Kathleen Parker: 2016's biggest loser

Posted 11/20/2016 in National Columns

Of all the losers in this season of discontent, the mainstream media top the list. I don't say this lightly, and I sincerely fear that loss of faith in journalism ultimately will cause more harm to the nation than any outside enemy could hope to.



Steve Chapman: Gun paranoia in the age of Trump

Posted 11/20/2016 in National Columns

There were plenty of agitated and even hysterical reactions to Donald Trump's election victory, but none more surprising than the one expressed in a direct mail letter I got a couple of days afterward.



Marc Dion: Leonard Cohen and Donald Trump

Posted 11/20/2016 in National Columns

Most American newspapers, especially the influential ones, wrote more words about the death of singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen than their readers wanted to (or did) read.


Partial to Home: The need for conversation

Posted 11/20/2016 in Local Columns

A friend walked up to me after Rotary and stuck his hand out: "I know what you've been up to this past week." We both laughed.

Slimantics: Funny business in tax, education reform

Posted 11/20/2016 in Local Columns

A funny thing happened when the Mississippi Legislature ended its 2016 session in April. Scarcely anything was done to address the serious issues facing our state. That's hardly surprising, of course. It happens every year.

Roses and thorns 11/20/16

Posted 11/20/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to the road crews. This fall's drought has taken its tolls on roads and highways throughout the Golden Triangle as the soil under the pavement contracts, creating cracks and holes. It is more than an inconvenience.

Ask Rufus: The Rev. Dr. Teasdale's house

Posted 11/19/2016 in Local Columns

One of Columbus' historic homes needs a friend.

Lynn Spruill: Mayor Parker Wiseman's legacy

Posted 11/18/2016 in Local Columns

Parker Wiseman called the other day to say he was about to announce that he won't be running for mayor at the end of his term. Parker has served eight years and likely would have been reelected had he decided to run again.


Patrick J. Buchanan: Is Obama's world a utopian myth?

Posted 11/18/2016 in National Columns

Speaking in Greece on his valedictory trip to Europe as president, Barack Obama struck a familiar theme: "(W)e are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude form of nationalism, or ethnic identity, or tribalism that is built around an 'us' and a 'them' ...



Our View: Downtown is a source of pride and optimism for Columbus

Posted 11/17/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

The news that a pair of local developers have purchased two historic downtown buildings is a promising sign for Columbus and proof that the transformation of one of our city's greatest asset will continue to build on the progress we have seen in recent years.



Kathleen Parker: Is Steve Bannon really as bad as all that?

Posted 11/17/2016 in National Columns

If you'd never heard of Stephen K. Bannon before Tuesday, you have now.



Froma Harrop: Goodbye, Facebook.

Posted 11/17/2016 in National Columns

Dear Facebook friends, If you don't see me gushing over the pix of your Thanksgiving pies, take no offense.



Our View: Needed: more young talent in public service

Posted 11/16/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

Parker Wiseman is an anomaly.



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