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Kathleen Parker: Apparently, my thoughts are 'dangerous.' Who knew?

Posted 10/8/2016 in National Columns

ELON, N.C. -- When I first heard that some Elon University students were protesting my invitation to speak on campus and saying my thoughts were "dangerous," I was, of course, thrilled and immediately amended my bio.



Jamie Stiehm: Looking to the gallery of Vice Presidents: sure, they matter

Posted 10/8/2016 in National Columns

WASHINGTON -- Mike Pence, the Republican Indiana governor, showed more style in the vice presidential debate against earnest Democratic Senator Tim Kaine. So there's work to do.


Possumhaw: Successful soil and seeding

Posted 10/8/2016 in Local Columns

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope." Lady Bird Johnson Planting has always been pretty much hit or miss around here.


Letter to the editor: Vydas

Disagrees with death penalty column



Voice of the people: Hinds

In praise of career expo


Roses and thorns 10/9/16

Posted 10/8/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to organizers of the Seventh Avenue Heritage Festival, which wrapped up its 34th annual edition Saturday evening.


Our View: Not all TIFs are wise investments

Posted 10/7/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

It's never easy to risk turning away business, especially in Mississippi which is currently in the throes of a severe economic crisis.


Lynn Spruill: Being there from day one

Posted 10/7/2016 in Local Columns

I recently spoke to the Day One Leadership class on the MSU campus.


Patrick Buchanan: ISIS, not Russia, is the enemy in Syria

Posted 10/7/2016 in National Columns

Denouncing Russian air strikes on Aleppo as "barbaric," Mike Pence declared in Tuesday's debate: "The provocations by Russia need to be met with American strength. ... The United States of America should be prepared to use military force, to strike military targets of Bashar Assad regime."



Home Base: Pushing up Daisies

Posted 10/6/2016 in Local Columns

"So how serious were you when you said you wanted to help?"



Voice of the people: Andrew Whitten



Froma Harrop: Hillary no 'enabler,' nor were Eleanor and Jackie

Posted 10/6/2016 in National Columns

Having lost badly to Hillary Clinton in their first debate, Donald Trump has turned to a subject on which he can claim expertise: screwing around.



Our View: Career expos are vital part of today's educational process

Posted 10/5/2016 in Dispatch Editorials

Earlier generations of Americans didn't have to give much thought to careers until they approached high school graduation, perhaps even later than that, "undeclared" being a common college major.



Patrick Buchanan: Aborting the Trump revolution

Posted 10/5/2016 in National Columns

In taking that $915 million loss in 1995, and carrying it forward to shelter future income, Donald Trump did nothing wrong. By both his family and his business, he did everything right.



Froma Harrop: More states should ban the death penalty

Posted 10/5/2016 in National Columns

Most of the civilized world has come to regard killing someone held in captivity as barbaric.


Slimantics: Coming soon: The Columbus-Lowndes Parks and Ruin Authority

Posted 10/4/2016 in Local Columns

Monday, the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors met with city of Columbus and members of the Columbus-Lowndes Recreation Authority to dig deep into the issues facing the parks system.


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