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Steve Mullen: Found poetry

Posted 3/18/2009 in Local Columns

There is a certain poetry about Columbus — literally. Writers are among us, in places you wouldn’t expect, recording bits of everyday life.

Birney Imes: Joe Hogan’s legacy

Posted 3/14/2009 in Local Columns

“Hey, didn’t you say you were on Paul Harvey?” Nancy Perkins asked her husband when she heard news of the radio broadcaster’s death recently. 


Del Phillips: An innovative plan for educational improvement

Posted 3/11/2009 in Local Columns


Steve Mullen: Supervisors' 'belly bump' part of life in the Friendly City

Posted 3/4/2009 in Local Columns

Columbus is known as the Friendly City, something I pointed out last week, commenting that it was “a pretty good nickname, as it’s tough to find an unfriendly person.” The paper was barely on the street and the column on the Web site before a challenge landed in my e-mail inbox.

A school visit and an evening walk

Posted 2/28/2009 in Local Columns

Thursday evening just after 7 I happened to be walking across the parking lot behind the Methodist Church toward the back of the post office. There, as if for my benefit alone, the evening presented a momentary convergence of sights, smells and sounds — the chatter of kids and the thump of a basketball at the church, an insistent but soothing train whistle to the south, a young woman (Rachel Smith) talking on a cell phone as she walked to her car and the faint scent of a Japanese magnolia behind the P. O. Can spring be far away?

Steve Mullen: 25 random things about Columbus

Posted 2/25/2009 in Local Columns

Those familiar with Facebook, the online social networking site, know that the big thing right now is to make a list of “25 random things” about themselves and share it with friends. The idea is, if you are sent a note, you have to, in turn, create your own list and send it to 25 more people, and so on.

Steve Mullen: A historic marker for Catfish Alley

Posted 2/21/2009 in Local Columns

Original ideas are few and far between. In fact, journalists often joke that in the news business, no idea is original: Whatever it is, somewhere it’s been done before.

Birney Imes: The Catfish Alley tapes

Posted 2/14/2009 in Local Columns

A letter last week from Bob Raymond questioning the origin of the name Catfish Alley reminded me of research a friend did on the subject years ago. The friend, Mark Gooch, is a Birmingham-based photographer.


Learnard Dickerson: Hard times call for faith, hope and charity

Posted 2/13/2009 in Local Columns

In response to the difficult and disruptive times we are facing socially and economically, there are three ways to enrich your life, community and the lives of others: Cut back on your spending, build your savings and increase your faith, hope and charitable giving.



Green goodness

Posted 2/11/2009 in Local Columns

Southern Ambrosia


Adele Elliott: January

Posted 1/25/2009 in Local Columns

January has been relentless in her chilling attack. Ice crystals sparkle across my car’s windshield creating delicate marbled paths, splintering onto the hood. The plastic scraper we purchased is worthless against frost that seems to have been adhered with a magical fixative.


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