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Partial to Home: Christmas party downtown, everybody invited

Posted 12/4/2016 in Local Columns

Friday evening I felt like an Olan Mills photographer. I made snapshot portraits of more than 100 people with my digital camera.

Ask Rufus: The Old Elks Club

Posted 12/3/2016 in Local Columns

The Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau recently announced the Elks Club building on Main Street in Columbus was purchased and would become the home of a new children's museum.

Lynn Spruill: 48th and counting

Posted 12/2/2016 in Local Columns

The Mississippi Business Journal recently did a story on the 2016 Forbes ranking of states for the best places to do business.


Local voices: Departure lounge

Posted 11/30/2016 in Local Columns

Suppose you are in a departure lounge of an international airport and waiting for the announcement for boarding the flight.


Possumhaw: Dream a little dream of Christmas

Posted 11/28/2016 in Local Columns

'Tis the season for the onslaught of holiday catalogs. Some days I open the mailbox optimistically hoping I find a catalog or two. Perusing catalogs is a mindless activity that can transport one to another world, something akin to a "Take me away, Calgon" moment or an hour spent on Pinterest.


Jiben Roy: The power of a smile

Posted 11/25/2016 in Local Columns

"Smile at each other." So said Mother Teresa, of Kolkata, India, in her book, "A Gift for God."



Home Base: Remember those suffering holiday gloom

Posted 11/23/2016 in Local Columns

By the time you read this, I'll be on the beach.


Slimantics: Thanksgiving 2016: Eat, Pray, Argue

Posted 11/23/2016 in Local Columns

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the day set aside each year to gather with friends and loved ones, give thanks for our good fortunes, enjoy a lovely feast, find comfort in our shared memories and, of course, confront Uncle Bob with the question: "What is the matter with you? Seriously."


Slimantics: It's that time of year again

Posted 11/22/2016 in Local Columns

This time of year is like waking up late on the day of an important meeting.


Possumhaw: Let's talk turkey

Posted 11/21/2016 in Local Columns

There's lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Partial to Home: The need for conversation

Posted 11/20/2016 in Local Columns

A friend walked up to me after Rotary and stuck his hand out: "I know what you've been up to this past week." We both laughed.

Slimantics: Funny business in tax, education reform

Posted 11/20/2016 in Local Columns

A funny thing happened when the Mississippi Legislature ended its 2016 session in April. Scarcely anything was done to address the serious issues facing our state. That's hardly surprising, of course. It happens every year.

Ask Rufus: The Rev. Dr. Teasdale's house

Posted 11/19/2016 in Local Columns

One of Columbus' historic homes needs a friend.

Lynn Spruill: Mayor Parker Wiseman's legacy

Posted 11/18/2016 in Local Columns

Parker Wiseman called the other day to say he was about to announce that he won't be running for mayor at the end of his term. Parker has served eight years and likely would have been reelected had he decided to run again.

Possumhaw: Then there was rain

Posted 11/14/2016 in Local Columns

Green circles created by circular sprinklers leave the front yard looking like alien spaceships landed. I told a friend deer have come closer to the house than ever before and they were eating the vegetation, pulling flowers from pots; even eating the palm tree fronds and nipping the pineapple plant.

Ask Rufus: Two veterans

Posted 11/13/2016 in Local Columns

Friday was Veterans Day and one of the few holidays still celebrated primarily with parades and public programs.

Birney Imes: By way of the river

Posted 11/12/2016 in Local Columns

Friday morning around 11 o'clock Dick Leike stood on the widow's walk of Riverview and gazed out over the treetops toward the river and the black prairie beyond. The sun had cleared the oak trees in the front yard of the house, and the stained glass of the cupola behind Leike glowed like neon. The cupola is as large as a two-car garage and is, like every other feature of this Greek revival treasure, majestic.


Home Base: Embracing feminism in a nation that doesn't

Posted 11/12/2016 in Local Columns

Once, I recall saying something negative to my wife about feminism.


Lynn Spruill: We should all be veterans

Posted 11/11/2016 in Local Columns

Veterans Day doesn't have the longest holiday history.

Slimantics: The dawn of American Fascism?

Posted 11/9/2016 in Local Columns

So this is how it happens.


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