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Possumhaw: A world gone crass

Posted 1/30/2017 in Local Columns

Sometimes the world is too much with me, making me forever grateful for things that bring me joy.

Ask Rufus: Lafayette and the Sons of the Forest

Posted 1/28/2017 in Local Columns

Back in November, my cousin Chip Billups and I were examining an old glass medallion with a cameo sulfide bust of George Washington.

Partial to Home: A roadside visit with the Can Man

Posted 1/28/2017 in Local Columns

In 2011, Joel Johnson stomped flat 280,000 aluminum cans.


Wyatt Emmerich: Time to face the music on road repair

Posted 1/26/2017 in Local Columns

State legislative leaders like to look down their noses at Jackson city government, but they are on the verge of replicating the same mistakes by neglecting road maintenance.



Charlie Mitchell: Master of managed messages has earned a chance

Posted 1/25/2017 in Local Columns

Remember this one? Two people are standing on the shore looking at the vast ocean. One says, "Man, that's a lot of water." The other replies, "Yes, and that's just the top of it."


Possumhaw: A couple of lucky dogs

Posted 1/23/2017 in Local Columns

It's not easy being a cat person in a canine world. Sitting on the porch while studying and occasionally letting my eyes and thoughts wander over to the lake or into the woods, I noticed the cats pouncing on butterflies.


Marc Dion: Trump's turn to write the check

Posted 1/23/2017 in Local Columns

To get it out of the way, I live in a poverty stricken mid-sized city in Massachusetts. We used to have a textile and garment industry, and now we do not. We're a heroin overdose city, a wear-pajama-pants-to-Wal-Mart city. State and federal money props up our schools, our police force and our fire department. About 75 percent of kids in local schools get lunch for free.



Other Editors: 'Fed up with 50th'

Posted 1/23/2017 in Local Columns

A group of Mississippi parents and teachers who are lobbying for predictable and equitable education funding may not get their way with the Legislature, but they win the award for the best name: Fed Up With 50th.


Partial to Home: Unclaimed baggage

Posted 1/21/2017 in Local Columns

I suppose I should thank the person who threw out the plastic bag from Unclaimed Baggage while driving through the soccer park last week.

Slimantics: Legislature's shell game not worth playing

Posted 1/18/2017 in Local Columns

Seasoned tourists know the games. It's the rubes who are the easy marks.


Jiben Roy: Social media and misinformation

Posted 1/18/2017 in Local Columns

We all are familiar with the word "rumor." Rumor runs faster than anything else.


Possumhaw: Wintering well in the Prairie

Posted 1/16/2017 in Local Columns

Stepping off the front porch, I saw the season's first blooming dandelion.

Partial to Home: Our Mother Goose

Posted 1/14/2017 in Local Columns

There was something rare and ineffably sweet about the gathering at the Trotter Center Saturday evening a week ago. "Goose's Grand Gala" it was called, a party for Edwina Williams, known by many as simply, "Mother Goose."

Ask Rufus: The Minister's Duel

Posted 1/14/2017 in Local Columns

It's always surprising how finding an interesting story can lead down a trail to even far more interesting stories.

Slimantics: Starving our way to prosperity

Posted 1/13/2017 in Local Columns

On Thursday, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant announced he has been forced to slash budgets for most state agencies by roughly $51 million. In other shocking developments Thursday, the sun rose in the east and a dog tried to bite a postman.

Home Base: The many languages of an 8-year-old

Posted 1/12/2017 in Local Columns

At some point next Friday afternoon, my 8-year-old daughter Zayley will be singing a Chinese song somewhere in public with her class. Or maybe it's Japanese. We're not entirely sure.


Charlie Mitchell: Kids' Page provides definitions worth reviewing

Posted 1/10/2017 in Local Columns

It's not often that the Kids' Page, a syndicated feature printed in some newspapers, inspires a grownup, but it can happen.


Possumhaw: Social order of buzzards

Posted 1/9/2017 in Local Columns

Who knew there was a pecking order among buzzards? First off, we don't actually have buzzards here in the Prairie; we just call them buzzards.

Partial to Home: Beware the sulling possum

Posted 1/7/2017 in Local Columns

"A Mr. Ronald Crowe is here to see you." It was a receptionist in the front office, Monday morning.

Slimantics: Legislature off to a rousing start

Posted 1/5/2017 in Local Columns

The Legislature opened for business in Jackson Tuesday and wasted no time in addressing many of the serious issues facing our state.


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