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Jiben Roy: An unexpected reward

Posted 12/14/2016 in Local Columns

If you were to win the lottery, it would be the most unexpected reward in your lifetime.



Slimantics: Quotable Mississippians

Posted 12/13/2016 in Local Columns

The best compliment you can pay to David Crews' "The Mississippi Book of Quotations," is the urge to wonder aloud, "Why didn't somebody think of this before?"


Possumhaw: A winter of critters

Posted 12/12/2016 in Local Columns

I called out to Sam, "Come look. It looks like a platypus."


Charlie Mitchell: Strange but true

Posted 12/12/2016 in Local Columns


Ask Rufus: Walt Disney and Catfish

Posted 12/10/2016 in Local Columns

During the "Golden Age" of Disney animation, the term catfish around Walt Disney Studios did not refer to a fish.

Partial to Home: Bluegrass memories and Christmas lights

Posted 12/10/2016 in Local Columns

In the summer 1979, after listening to high school classmates Nate Pack and Joe Shelton -- aka Big Joe Shelton -- rhapsodize about it for years, I drove to north Alabama for a bluegrass festival at a place called Horse Pens 40.


Roses and thorns: 12/11/16

Posted 12/10/2016 in Local Columns


Slimantics: John Glenn: The right stuff

Posted 12/9/2016 in Local Columns

John Glenn died Thursday at age 95.


Home Base: Christmas shopping to the moon and back

Posted 12/7/2016 in Local Columns

I'm not sure when it happened. But it most certainly has.


Possumhaw: The rains came down

Posted 12/5/2016 in Local Columns

After a season of prolonged drought, rain came to the Prairie in the form of storms.


Local voices: The Grinches that stole Christmas, part II

Posted 12/5/2016 in Local Columns

As a physician working at the OCH Regional Medical Center (OCH) for about 10 years now, I have had the privilege to work with all the employees at OCH who provide a wonderful service to our community.



Charlie Mitchell: Grand Gulf a 'catastrophe' that became an asset

Posted 12/5/2016 in Local Columns

Nuclear-powered generators were scarce in the United States when utility powers-that-be in Mississippi decided, "Hey, we need one of those."


Partial to Home: Christmas party downtown, everybody invited

Posted 12/4/2016 in Local Columns

Friday evening I felt like an Olan Mills photographer. I made snapshot portraits of more than 100 people with my digital camera.

Ask Rufus: The Old Elks Club

Posted 12/3/2016 in Local Columns

The Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau recently announced the Elks Club building on Main Street in Columbus was purchased and would become the home of a new children's museum.

Lynn Spruill: 48th and counting

Posted 12/2/2016 in Local Columns

The Mississippi Business Journal recently did a story on the 2016 Forbes ranking of states for the best places to do business.


Local voices: Departure lounge

Posted 11/30/2016 in Local Columns

Suppose you are in a departure lounge of an international airport and waiting for the announcement for boarding the flight.


Possumhaw: Dream a little dream of Christmas

Posted 11/28/2016 in Local Columns

'Tis the season for the onslaught of holiday catalogs. Some days I open the mailbox optimistically hoping I find a catalog or two. Perusing catalogs is a mindless activity that can transport one to another world, something akin to a "Take me away, Calgon" moment or an hour spent on Pinterest.


Jiben Roy: The power of a smile

Posted 11/25/2016 in Local Columns

"Smile at each other." So said Mother Teresa, of Kolkata, India, in her book, "A Gift for God."



Home Base: Remember those suffering holiday gloom

Posted 11/23/2016 in Local Columns

By the time you read this, I'll be on the beach.


Slimantics: Thanksgiving 2016: Eat, Pray, Argue

Posted 11/23/2016 in Local Columns

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the day set aside each year to gather with friends and loved ones, give thanks for our good fortunes, enjoy a lovely feast, find comfort in our shared memories and, of course, confront Uncle Bob with the question: "What is the matter with you? Seriously."


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