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Kathleen Parker: Yes, Ted Cruz is Hispanic 'enough'

Posted 5/11/2013 in National Columns

Enough with this "enough" business. Latest to the question of whether a person is sufficiently identifiable as belonging to a particular demographic is Ted Cruz -- the conservative Texas senator who happens to be of Hispanic descent.



Leonard Pitts: Running from life

Posted 5/9/2013 in National Columns



Kathleen Parker: Prude or prudent? The debate over access to Plan B

Posted 5/8/2013 in National Columns



Susan Estrich: The drunk guy in the parking lot

Posted 5/8/2013 in National Columns



Froma Harrop: Legal pot means more for states, less for gangs

Posted 5/7/2013 in National Columns



Thomas Sowell: Words that replace thought

Posted 5/7/2013 in National Columns

If there is ever a contest for words that substitute for thought, "diversity" should be recognized as the undisputed world champion.



Susan Estrich: A gay man in the NBA

Posted 5/4/2013 in National Columns



Froma Harrop: How to get fit without really trying

Posted 5/2/2013 in National Columns

We may not have time for exercise, but there's always time to read about exercising. And while the motivation to exercise may not be tops, the motivation to shop for "aids" to exercise seems forever strong.



Leonard Pitts: Collins scores for gay rights

Posted 5/1/2013 in National Columns



Rheta Johnson: Why Carol matters

Posted 4/27/2013 in National Columns

In childhood, summer vacation was synonymous with Florida. One year, in a slight departure from fishing the state's central lakes, we visited the winter home of the circus in Sarasota.



Leonard Pitts: A little humility may be in order

Posted 4/27/2013 in National Columns

This is for the rest of us. Meaning the ones who don't have personal chefs, gift-wrapping rooms or hired sycophants, who don't hobnob or rub shoulders, and who drive the same car every day of the week. The rest of us would like to offer some of you a little advice:



Kathleen Parker: Bush's legacy is more than Iraq

Posted 4/27/2013 in National Columns

In a reprieve from the horror of the most recent terrorist attack, the nation's attentions turned to the man who declared the war on terrorism, George W. Bush.



Kathleen Parker: Forgiving a cheater requires spousal permission

Posted 4/25/2013 in National Columns

As the reporter said to the novelist: Why bother to make stuff up? For stories and characters, one needs only a pair of walking shoes in this city, where recent attentions have turned to two salacious stories.



Kathleen Parker: The terror of not knowing

Posted 4/25/2013 in National Columns

As the manhunt for the Boston bombers reached its climactic conclusion, Americans of all hues and backgrounds heaved a sigh of relief.



Froma Harrop: Free the 'work beasts'

Posted 4/25/2013 in National Columns

We who work through colds, bad backs and low moods -- however liberal we might be -- have permission to resent those who could hold a job but don't, preferring to collect disability checks unto the decades. You see them at the coffee shop, refilling their cups in leisure, or even pumping iron at the gym.



Leonard Pitts: Even in tragedy, a nation divided

Posted 4/24/2013 in National Columns



Froma Harrop: The bombers and who gets in

Posted 4/23/2013 in National Columns

The uncle of the accused Boston Marathon bombers got the boys right. They were unable to settle into American life, Ruslan Tsarni told reporters from his home in Maryland, "and thereby just hating everyone who did."



Leonard Pitts: 'Oh, my God'

Posted 4/20/2013 in National Columns

Soon after the explosions, there appeared on the website of The Boston Globe a video of the moment. Runners in the city's iconic marathon are jogging across the finish line and everyone is cheering, when there is a clap of thunder and an orange bloom of fire from within a ring of flags honoring the nations represented in the race. It is followed, seconds later, by another blast from just down the street.



Rheta Grimsley Johnson: The books that rocked your world

Posted 4/20/2013 in National Columns

It was a bookstore in an old house that also sold chocolate treats and bottled beer, pretty much a working definition of heaven. A group of convivial folks, mostly from the nearby college, had come to listen to Alabama author and veteran journalist Frye Gaillard talk about his latest, "The Books That Mattered, A Reader's Memoir."



George Will: What's behind the funding of the welfare state

Posted 4/19/2013 in National Columns

The regulatory, administrative state, which progressives champion, is generally a servant of the strong, for two reasons.



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