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Other editors: More public scrutiny, not less, needed at MDOC

Posted 1/26/2019 in National Columns

It is unfortunate that the state agency tasked with incarcerating those found guilty of crimes has so little regard for the law -- at least certain parts of the law.



Patrick Buchanan: Democrats' America: The heart of darkness

Posted 1/26/2019 in National Columns

If it was the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that black and white would come together in friendship and peace to do justice, his acolytes in today's Democratic Party appear to have missed that part of his message.



Mona Charen: An opening for a party of reality

Posted 1/26/2019 in National Columns

Here they come, the newly resurgent Democrats, ready to take on "the man" (Rep. Rashida Tlaib); protect America's middle class from "attack" by big corporations and billionaires (Sen. Elizabeth Warren); provide "Medicare-for-all" (Sen. Kamala Harris); offer universal pre-K (Julian Castro); and fight capitalism in general without any idea of how it works (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). The Democratic Party is lurching to the left like a confused American driver on a British highway.



Froma Harrop: Are people ignoring Trump or just bored by him?

Posted 1/25/2019 in National Columns

It started during the midterm campaign. Democrats stopped talking about Donald Trump all the time. Now presidential hopefuls are doing the same.



Marc Dion: Waiting for the Third World

Posted 1/21/2019 in National Columns

Back when we were fat, when we ruled the world, Americans knew how to tell if a country was "Third World." The country was invariably led by a bellicose dictator who said things like "enemies of the state" and who constantly claimed greatness for himself.



Other Editors: Visions of a 70% tax rate

Posted 1/21/2019 in National Columns

By now readers have heard that progressive luminary Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC for groupies) supports a 70% top marginal tax rate, which she says will help finance a "green new deal." Higher taxes on the rich is the stock socialist answer on how to pay for any project, though a reminder arrived this week that soaking the wealthy will barely register as a down payment.



Froma Harrop: Anti-vaxxers spread a plague of ignorance

Posted 1/21/2019 in National Columns

An outbreak of measles four years ago at Disneyland focused attention on a growing health menace -- the refusal of parents to vaccinate their children. The threat has gone international. The World Health Organization has just named the anti-vaccination movement among the 10 biggest global health crises.



Leonard Pitts Jr.: Three stories and a letter

Posted 1/19/2019 in National Columns

Our topic for today: three stories and a letter. The stories all made recent headlines. The first was about the state of Florida posthumously pardoning the Groveland Four, a group of African-American men who suffered torture, prison and murder after being falsely accused of raping a white woman in 1949.



Patrick Buchanan: At age 70, time to rethink NATO

Posted 1/18/2019 in National Columns

"Treaties are like roses and young girls. They last while they last."



Mona Charen: Gillette is not wrong

Posted 1/17/2019 in National Columns

Is the new Gillette razor ad a radical feminist attack on masculinity -- the commercial embodiment of a woke sensibility? I was prepared to think so. But having watched it twice, I find a lot to like.



Leonard Pitts: Some find it all too easy to denigrate women

Posted 1/16/2019 in National Columns

This is a column about some black people. Not all, thank goodness. Not even most.



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