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Steve Chapman: On North Korea and Iran, Trump is deluding himself

Posted 7/30/2018 in National Columns

Take a tough Republican president, a Chinese government committed to help us and a North Korean government faced with demands for denuclearization, and what do you get?



Wyatt Emmerich: State legislature more autocratic under Republicans

Posted 7/28/2018 in National Columns

Since the Republicans replaced the Democrats as the dominant party in Mississippi a lot has changed in our state. The Republicans have been good at cutting but not so good at governing.



Mona Charen: Can feminists cure what ails men?

Posted 7/28/2018 in National Columns

"Boys need feminists' help too," declares founder Jessica Valenti. Writing in The New York Times, Valenti worries that while women "protest, run for office, and embrace the movement for gender equality in record numbers, a generation of mostly white men are being radicalized into believing that their problems stem from women's progress."



Leonard Pitts: Grasping the impact of gun violence

Posted 7/28/2018 in National Columns

"Imagine the earth beneath you opening up and swallowing you whole. Imagine feeling everything good inside you -- love, joy, kindness, trust, security, hope -- burning and scorching to embers, giving way to fear, desperation, anguish and helplessness. Imagine being trapped in your worst nightmare, knowing that you will never wake from it. Imagine feeling truly abandoned -- by God, by the universe, by humanity. Imagine all of that -- and imagine it being far worse." -- "A Better Place," by Pati Navalta Poblete



Steve Chapman: Why Trump supporters will regret his trade war

Posted 7/27/2018 in National Columns

Donald Trump, who assembled a winning coalition that included manufacturing workers, farmers, ranchers, people who ride Harleys and capitalists resentful of Barack Obama, is now doing his best to turn them all against him.



Leonard Pitts: On the question of God, condescension gets old

Posted 7/26/2018 in National Columns

All she asked was that someone pray for her.



Patrick J. Buchanan: Trump stands his ground on Putin

Posted 7/23/2018 in National Columns

"Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." Under the Constitution, these are the offenses for which presidents can be impeached. And to hear our elites, Donald Trump is guilty of them all.



Mona Charen: Putin speaks code. Does Trump understand?

Posted 7/21/2018 in National Columns

Back when word first leaked that Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. had met with a Russian lawyer and others offering dirt on Hillary Clinton, President Trump seemed to think he was supplying an exculpatory cover story. Flying home from Germany on Air Force One, Trump reportedly instructed Don Jr. to claim that he and the Kremlin-linked lawyer had "primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children."



Leonard Pitts Jr.: Democrats, take note: 'Normal' isn't coming back

Posted 7/21/2018 in National Columns

Smack them with their own bat. That was the gist of, "Hey Democrats, Fighting Fair is for Suckers," a provocative jeremiad that Politico ran on Independence Day. In it, writer Rob Goodman argued that, after Republicans have killed all the old political norms -- denying a Supreme Court nominee a hearing, for example -- it's silly for Democrats to go on playing by the rules. Why obey the law in a lawless world?



Patrick Buchanan: Trump and Putin vs. America

Posted 7/18/2018 in National Columns



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