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Spring cleaning

Posted 3/25/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

As Mother Nature does her part to beautify our lovely corner of the world, humans are organizing to do likewise.



Walking lessons

Posted 3/25/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

Once upon a time, decades ago, mothers were able to let their elementary-aged children roam free and alone.



Our new look

Posted 3/18/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

Starting today, readers will see a slimmed-down Commercial Dispatch with a fresh, new look.



Willie King

Posted 3/11/2009 in Dispatch Editorials



Choosing a site for the sportsplex

Posted 3/4/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

This week the county took one more step toward what until recently has been a mirage on the distant horizon, a sportsplex.



The concern that rises above all others

Posted 2/25/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

By now even the most determined optimist would agree that the economic downturn isnít going to end anytime soon. After decades of unrestrained spending, citizens, governments and businesses are scrambling to cut out waste, reduce expenses and squirrel away every spare dollar. Itís happening across the country and here in the Golden Triangle.



Building a sportsplex: What are we waiting for?

Posted 2/18/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

For a decade, Columbus has been talking about building a sportsplex. Meanwhile, neighboring cities like Starkville and Tupelo have benefited from hundreds of thousands of dollars pumped into their economies by such facilities.



Good candidates, strong communities

Posted 2/11/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

Now, more than ever, we need good candidates for public office; qualifying deadline for city elections is March 6



A new Web site

Posted 2/4/2009 in Dispatch Editorials



A new name for our university

Posted 1/31/2009 in Dispatch Editorials



Combining MSMS and MSA merits careful consideration

Posted 1/29/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

Amid the bleak winter of our economy, governments are right and prudent to hunker down and seek out ways to cut costs.



Remaking America

Posted 1/21/2009 in Dispatch Editorials

With his long awaited and eagerly anticipated Inaugural address, Barack Obama, our nationís 44th president, offered hope to Americans desperate for change and new vision.



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