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Roses and thorns 7/31/16

Posted 7/30/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to photographer and Columbus native Jess Fielder for her recent photo shoot, which encourages women to cultivate a positive self-image in a society where many girls and women feel the burden of "body shaming."

Roses and thorns 7/17/16

Posted 7/16/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to Emmie Sheretz, who again illustrates how one person can make a difference. Sheretz, a mom of two whose husband, Sam, is an instructor pilot at Columbus Air Force Base, has started a recycling program at the Hitching Lot Farmers' Market.

Roses and thorns 6/3/16

Posted 7/2/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to all Americans on this Independence Day weekend, and to organizers and volunteers who have taken the time and expense to stage celebrations, large and small, throughout the Golden Triangle to commemorate our nation's 240th birthday.

Roses and thorns 6/19/16

Posted 6/18/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to the organizers of Thursday's "United Against Hate" interfaith service.

Roses and thorns 6/5/16

Posted 6/4/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to Mississippi School for Math and Science, which continues to be a shining example of what public school education can be even as its continues to drop for lack of funding.

Roses and thorns 5/8/16

Posted 5/7/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to organizers, volunteers, vendors, city workers (police/fire/public works) and festival-goers, who combined to make this weekend's Market Street Festival perhaps the best ever.

Roses and thorns 4/24/16

Posted 4/23/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to business owners and their patrons, especially in Columbus.

Roses and thorns

Posted 4/9/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to everyone involved in making the 76th Columbus Spring Pilgrimage, which ended Saturday, a success.

Roses and thorns

Posted 3/19/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to Columbus Ward 1 Councilman Gene Taylor, whose persistence has paid off in repairs at 13 railroad crossing on the Southside.

Roses and thorns

Posted 3/13/2016 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to the Columbus Falcons and Starkville Yellow Jackets boys' basketball teams for an outstanding season that ended late Saturday when the two teams met for the Class 6-A championship in Jackson.


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