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Faye Henley: Identity of good Samaritan

I would like to reply to the Voice of the People ("Under-appreciated good Samaritan") in the Sun. July 10th paper. The under-appreciated good Samaritan's name is Paul Denney from Jackson. He was here visiting family.



Fred Bell: Election time

There has been much in the news about the importance of Aug. 2 on the national level whether or not to raise the debt limit. While we are all interested in what's going on in Washington, remember that Aug. 2 is very important date here in Mississippi as well.



Cameron Triplett: Alcohol habit

This is a direct result of another "zero tolerance policy." The use (abuse?) of alcohol and/or other drugs while "on the clock," whether in public or private employ, should not be acceptable. What's good for the goose is also good for the gander.



J.M. Gilliam: Silly

How silly of Nan Lott to question our Rep. Jeff Smith about changing over to the Republican party.



Bill Kane: New Zealanders concerned about fate of St. John

I note with some concern your article regarding the suspension of Chief Joseph St. John. I would like to make the point that he has no idea that I am writing this letter of support.



Elliott and Hannon: Support St. John

We are writing to voice our unconditional support for Joseph St. John, Police Chief of the City of Columbus!



Cameron Triplett: Revised position

In past letters I have expressed my opinion about the Omnova strike and the results it brought about. Today, Sunday, July 10, I had a nice visit and chat with one of the strikers. He gave me some more information I didn't have. I knew that I didn't have the whole story. Most strikes are about money and benefits, as in more. According to my visitor, a distant relative by the way, this was about that, but with a twist. I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of character, and I believe everything my visitor said.



Randy Finch: Supports Larmour

A tiger can't change his stripes. Jeff Smith is still employing Democrat vs. Republican strategies. The NRA gave Jack Larmour an A rating. Anyone who knows Jack Larmour knows all his actions are above board. Someone needs to remind Jeff Smith that he is a Republican.



Sarah Tatum: An under-appreciated good Samaritan

Somewhere in the Golden Triangle area is a very lucky family that would be planning a funeral today if it had not been for a very fast on his feet "good Samaritan."



Marleen Hansen: The Saturday Dispatch

Like it! And since it is "conjured up in Columbus" why not have it at the Farmers Markets in Columbus and Starkville?



Tyler McShan: Saturday edition

Ironically, it was the lack of a Saturday edition that caused our change from The Commercial Dispatch to the Tuscaloosa News about 1972. My family always had a strong tie to Columbus probably since the town was founded when the rail -road came through.



Billy Hall: 'Stupid' laws

Just watched WCBI News at 6 & heard about the new laws taking effect 1 July 2011, and wondering how stupid the law makers can be.



Claude Simpson: Tuesday's editorial

Your "A troubling campaign" opinion in the Tuesday paper was interesting but incomplete.



Cameron Triplett: Views differ from columnist's

In Friday's paper, the column by Susan Estrich showed her bias. OK, it's an op-ed, but not even opinion writers are allowed to make up their own "facts." She does an admirable job toting Mr. Obama's water for the Democrat Party, but I take slight exception with some of her opinions.



Ben C. Toledano: Freedom of speech

In your editorial of Tuesday, June 21, you took a very strong position in favor of "freedom of speech," even when such "speech" involves disruption of a funeral service for an American soldier.



Benjamin Ross: Do away with political parties on the local level

I agree with letter writer Cameron Triplett. At the local level we should not have parties, but vote for the man.



Margaret Evans: Time for change

Hear ye! Leroy Brooks has resigned as supervisor and is now submitting his resume for police chief of Brooksville. Wish this were true.



Marlies Bearden: Would like to see an end to Page 1 crime stories

Folks living in the Columbus area would like to take pride in their community.



Tim Hudson: Proud of respect shown fallen soldier



Cameron Triplett: Local politics

For years now I have been urging locals down here to get informed about candidates, local to national, in my column in the Macon Beacon, but I don't know how much good it's done.



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