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A good feeling

Who said we do not have good race relations in this section of the country? Let me tell everyone we do.



Peas and carrots, religion and politics

My hero, Forrest Gump, liked to say that some things go together like “peas and carrots." Now of course some persons like peas mixed with carrots and some do not. Politics and religion go together like peas and carrots. Some claim that they are separate and some do not.



A captive audience

What choice do we have? All residents of Columbus have to budget in these trying times. Do we need to drive to West Point, Starkville, Tupelo, or Tuscaloosa to purchase cheaper gas?



A Christian nation

Was Barrack H. Obama bragging about one of his changes when he told the world that we are no longer a Christian nation? Sounded that way to me. Don’t you think he was speaking mainly for himself, his administration and most of the Dems who have been in control of our Congress and Senate since 2006? Surely not speaking about the hard working taxpayers of our country.



Unity picnic and memories of Dr. Stringer

I was glad to see the publicity about the Unity picnic scheduled for next Saturday afternoon, although it is not our city's first such event.



Two huge oaks

In the beautiful great forest of Lowndes County — two huge oaks fell just recently — Fred Jones and Charles Younger. May God bless their families.



Follow the money?

I have been reading the comments regarding the Burns Bottom “sportsplex” with interest, some amusement, and much aggravation. I am reminded of a tale I heard/read many years ago regarding an influential and wealthy State Senator from Columbus. I hope my memory serves me well here.



Stacy Hester

One could write about Stacy Hester until the arm ached, and apparently some have. But let me be very brief. In fact, let’s put this in Barney Fife format:



‘An awful idea’

Building a sports complex in Burns Bottom is an awful idea. What happens when downtown needs to expand? Burns Bottom would be an ideal location of adding shops, apartments, restaurants, etc. to the downtown landscape. Six measly soccer/football fields would take away expansion needs from downtown, but at the same time, as the city of Columbus grows, the sportsplex will eventually need to also.



Notorious for flooding

Birney, good column in Sunday's paper, as well as the other one in which you wrote about the Burns Bottom location for the six soccer fields.



Shocked by antics of Vicksburg 4

Please print this in your paper. A friend of mine sent me an article that was in your paper a few weeks ago. It so shocked me that I must write you.




Mary Talent throws me our Commercial Dispatch each afternoon as I sit swinging in my great-grandaddy’s old white swing on the front porch. We exchange, "Hey, how's it going, how are ya?’



Giving Starkville our best

Dear Starkville, My wife Lindsey and I will forever remember Tuesday, June 2, 2009, as a special day. After months of work delivering a vision we believe in for Starkville, you, the people of this community, gave me the opportunity to represent you over the next four years as mayor. We are humbled by your support.



Appreciates support

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the voters and citizens of Columbus for your vote and support this past Tuesday, and for reelecting me to another 4-year term as your mayor.



Lutherans and abortion

The recent and unfortunate murder of Dr. George Tiller, an abortionist, who provided late-term abortions in Wichita, Kansas, prompts the writing of this letter.



Disappointed by columns

I write this as a Roman Catholic Christian, a Roman Catholic Priest, and a citizen of the Columbus, Lowndes County community. Also, may I say that to my recollection, I have never written a public letter of a critical or condemning nature. I do not brag about that, but state it so that you are aware that I have no ax to grind or agenda to advance.



Vicksburg matter offers opportunity to get better

I appreciate the sentiments expressed in your May 21 editorial. The dialogue created by this incident, while at times painful, has been valuable both to the department and the community.



A religion unto itself

Man yea, those boys came back relaxed, refreshed, and alert. Fourteen days without pay is enough punishment. That old field will grow back. Maybe they can invite that state park ranger up here to drive through one of our fields.



Gangs in Columbus

Since the beginning of the 1990’s, gang culture has been a way of life for so many young people in Columbus. Gang members in Columbus have been involved with a number of shootings in this city, as well as in West Point and Starkville.



Thanks to letter carriers

On Saturday, May 9, the National Association of Letter Carriers and United Way of Lowndes County partnered to conduct our 17th Annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive to help stock shelves at local food pantries and shelters.



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