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What to Watch For: Week 7 Prep Football

Posted less than 6 hours ago in Football

Now that we have flipped the calendar to October, it is time for some serious prep football action.



Week 7 Prep Football Predictions

Posted 9/29/2014 in Football

As the calendar turns to October, it is time for the prep football playoff races to crank into high gear.



What to Watch For: Week 6 Prep Football

Posted 9/24/2014 in Football

With cooler temperatures at night, now is the time to start breaking down the prep football playoff races.



Week 6 Prep Football Predictions

Posted 9/22/2014 in Football

Region play cranks up in Classes 5A and 6A Friday night. Several rivalries games are on tap as we officially hit the midway point of the season.



What to Watch For: Week 5 Prep Football

Posted 9/16/2014 in Football

The intensity is about to pick up for some area prep football teams.



Week 5 Prep Football Predictions

Posted 9/16/2014 in Football

There is no time for rest.



What to Watch For: Week 4 Prep Football

Posted 9/16/2014 in Football

With this week's forecast calling for lows in the 50s, that can only mean one thing -- the prep football action is about to turn serious.



Week 4 Prep Football Predictions

Posted 9/8/2014 in Football

The fourth week of the prep football season provides some compelling matchups. Instead of spending a lot of time telling you should head out to the games, let's pick some winners instead.



What to Watch For: Week 3 Prep Football

Posted 9/3/2014 in Football

The high school football season inches closer to region play for most teams Friday night.



Week 3 Prep Football Predictions

Posted 9/2/2014 in Football

Some outstanding rivalry games highlight this weekend's schedule.



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