Raymond Gross: What Obama tax cuts?

February 11, 2011 6:58:00 AM



Remember Obama steady bragging about not extending all those bad "Bush" tax cuts if he became president which would have increased everyone''s income tax in 2011? Remember all the national panic and melancholy about four months ago when he was still saying the same thing? Then after the November election how he started changing his tune? Remember how he quickly began claiming the "Bush" tax cuts as his very own "Obama " tax cuts? And how everyone became so relieved and happy that the income tax would no longer increase in 2011 after the big compromise deal for everything to remain the same? Well, I''m going to burst your bubble. It''s been said that when Obama is sweetly waving at us with one he is stabbing us in the back with the other hand.  


Now what the other hand was doing this time showed up in my mail yesterday. It was a notice from retired military pay saying that my fed withholding was being increased. Somehow the sly Obama "put it to us" in the form of a big income tax hike. Not only will we not receive a Cola this year and next year but from now on our checks will be about $35 less because of the new Obama tax hike. I even called the retired pay office in London, KY and they said it was a big surprise to them too. I can just see all his rich buddies laughing all the way to the bank with more "bail out money" from our increased taxes. Some of it will probably go toward the big "high speed" joke of a train he wants to build. Lord, help us. 


Thanks a lot , Obama, for all the hope and change and thanks to all those liberal states who elected you. Yeah, right.