Cameron Triplett: Disagrees with letter writer

February 11, 2011 10:33:00 AM



In the Feb. 9 edition of The Dispatch, Mr. James Clayton Terry questions the effort to clean up absentee ballots and their potential for abuse and misuse, wondering if those calling for changes might not be getting the "benefits" of fraudulent votes.  


Could it possibly be those who do benefit from illegal absentee votes are fighting to keep the status quo?  


While absentee ballots may not be the primary or greatest opportunity for ineligible "voters" to cast fraudulent votes, it has, does, and will continue to happen. Democracy is one vote per eligible voter. One way to cut down on the necessity for absentee votes is to have early voting with a valid, state-issued, picture ID.  


Mr. Terry also questioned the "mythical welfare queen with 10 kids, as obese as the Michelin man, foul-mouthed, chain-smoking Newpo''ts, sporting an ill-fitting blonde wig, who buys 10 push-carts brimming over with groceries, pays for it all with food stamps, and then drives away in a brand new Cadillac."  


While Mr. Terry may have never seen her, I have, and so would he if he would take off the politically correct racial blinders. She bought an over-loaded buggy of high-dollar groceries and paid with food stamps. Her husband was next in line with his cart filled with cases of beer and cartons of cigarettes. He pulled out a roll of 20s that would choke a Missouri mule and paid for his purchases. Both loaded their "groceries" into the same, you guessed it, brand new Caddy. Another welfare queen, witnessed, not made up, paid for an over-loaded cart with food stamps, then proceeded to lay those brown envelopes on the customer service counter as fast as she could pull them from her purse. When asked if she hit the jackpot, she said, "Let me tell you, I like to have never got my 3-year-old on dis-bility."  


"Whoa! your 3-year-old is on disability! What''s wrong with him?"  


"He be 3 and still (pooping) in his pants."  


Some people argue that descendants of slaves are owed reparations. I say they''ve been collecting "reparations" for YEARS and will continue to do so as long as they can get away with it. These people are part of America''s economic problem, and they desperately need to get their priorities straight. Today it''s unmarried women with multiple children by multiple men getting all kinds of government (read: taxpayer) aid. If they want to play house without the requisite license and responsibility, let them get "fixed" first so they won''t be a burden on society, spawning future prison inmates. 


Mississippi''s ugliest years are, or should be, behind us, but as long as people use past bad behavior to justify current bad behavior nothing will change. Either this is the land of the free and the brave, or it isn''t. Either we are a Republic with democratically elected representatives (public servants and not rulers), or we aren''t. Either you''re part of the solution or you''re part of the problem. 


Cameron Triplett Sr.