Cameron Triplett: History lesson

February 26, 2011 10:18:00 PM



History lesson 


In last Wednesday''s paper there was an anonymous post from "raider" that needs some correcting. In the 1800s people had a closer connection to their state than to their country. Robert E. Lee was offered the command of the Union forces before any other person was, yet he declined because his home state, Virginia, chose to secede, and he could not bear arms against Virginia. 


Gen. Forrest was from Tennessee, and like many others, could not bear arms against his home. Now-a-days it seems like just about everybody is ready to take up arms against the USA, like the government union rioters in Wisconsin. 


Thirteen Southern states seceded from the Union because they felt the federal government was violating the Constitution by taking powers that belonged to the states and not to the union, namely deciding whether or not new states would be "free" or "slave" States. At no time did the Confederate States of America try to "destroy" the USA, which is why this was not a "civil" war. They only wanted to exercise the right to determine their own destiny, a right still not allowed since Lee surrendered to Grant. 


History cannot be erased by omitting the past which is not PC. We must study and remember the past or we are apt to repeat it, God forbid. 


As for the PROPOSED Confederate license plates, I''ve read that "Mississippi" wants them. Wait a minute, AP and others, Mississippi does NOT want them. They were suggested by the MS chapter of the SCV. When the Legislature passes a bill authorizing them AND the Governor sings it into law, THEN "Mississippi" will want it. There is no chance the Legislature will pass it, and Governor Barbour has already said he will NOT sign it, but I seriously doubt the anti-South, anti-Mississippi, anti-honest journalism AP will ever let that fact see the light of day. No wonder they''re losing credibility as a news organization. 


If the War Between the States would have never occurred, it''s quite possible that slavery would have ended soon anyway, and there wouldn''t be the hatred between North and South that is evident even today. It''s also very likely that Cuba would be the 51st State instead of an island enemy off the Florida coast. 


But because our Governor doesn''t "apologize" for what happened 150 years and more ago, he''s somehow a "racist." Years ago Brother Dave said, "You know, I''m just gittin'' sick and tired of apologizin'' for bein'' white!" 


It''s about time somebody got sick and tired of apologizing for the distant past. 


Cameron Triplett Sr