Raymond Gross: Liberal Democrats making a mess of things

February 26, 2011 10:19:00 PM



When you think the liberal Democrats have completely run out of ways to make an absolute mess of things, you wake up this morning and realize how wrong you were. 


To see the president of the U.S. with many of his filthy rich supporters dancing in the street in the midst of a "get down" party reminds me of the foolish leader who "fiddled while Rome was burning." Maybe this was Obama''s way of keeping his promise to union members that in exchange for their votes he would put on his marching shoes and join them in the streets. He probably couldn''t find his Wisconsin shoes--didn''t see him there--did you? 


Next you see where elected Dems in D.C. are bragging about wanting to shut down the U.S. government if they "can''t have it their way." 


Then you see where more and more state-level elected Democrats are going AWOL which is punishable by death in the military in time of war. Yes , they are taking unauthorized paid vacations in another state to avoid doing their elected duty which is to vote! That''s what they are elected to do, represent their district by saying yes or no when it comes time to vote. 


What is wrong with these people? Are they just a bunch of spoiled brats in adult bodies who still need to be taken to the woodshed by their dads? Well, it probably wouldn''t do any good at this point so come election time they need to be replaced . They are proving just how fitting it is to use the jack ass as their party''s mascot. And after this dancing in the street stunt they could change their name to "the party party" instead of the Democrat party. 


To bring all this down to our small-town level, can you imagine Mayor Smith having a party and dancing in the streets and council members hiding out somewhere in Starkville while there are hundreds of people around our City Hall protesting about higher taxes, annexation, streets in need of repair and full of pot holes, crime on the increase and almost out of control, etc.? 


Raymond Gross