Cameron Triplett: The function of government

March 1, 2011 11:53:00 AM



The "Concentrate on essentials" column, from Sunday''s Washington Post, appeared in Monday''s Dispatch, and I take issue with part of it. The writer states that the jobs of the Federal government are first, protecting the nation and preserving the peace (ours, agreed); second, no one goes hungry, homeless, or uncared for when sick (show me where to find that in the Constitution); third, support economic growth by maintaining ports, roads, rails, subways, and airports, plus educating the next generation and supporting science (wait a minute! our infrastructure is one thing, but the Dept. of Education is about teachers'' "rights" & not about presenting the best education possible to students. Witness the "sickouts" in Wisconsin); fourth, lessen inequality (nowhere in my copy of the Constitution does the government, federal or lower, have the authority to confiscate money from the "rich" to help the "poor" get better off); and finally, provide a safe supply of food & medicine, clean air & water, national parks, & a capital of which the country can be proud.  


Again, nowhere in the Constitution do we find these duties assigned to the Federal or any other government. We have become so dependent on Uncle Sam to provide for us that we do not realize the power we have allowed big brother to assume. As for a capital of which we can be proud, today Washington DC is the laughingstock of the world. This country better return to the principles and roots of the Founding Fathers. 


Cameron Triplett Sr