W.R. Bill Taylor: Setting the record straight

March 8, 2011 11:58:00 AM



Ms. Bardwell (Home, home on the Prairie, March 7) was incorrect about the Taylors and Thurstons. It was a Taylor boy that married a Thurston girl. I should know. They were my grandparents. William R. Taylor married Stella Thurston. My great-grandfather, Robert P. Taylor, from Mt. Sterling, Ky., bought around 2,500 acres in Lowndes County, Miss. in the late 1800s. He sold half of his farm to Tom Whitaker''s relative.  


My other great-grandfather, Dawson W. Thurston, bought the adjoining farm. I am the only heir to both families that still lives on the original farms. My house is on the Taylor Farm, but I own land that was on the Thurston farm. Supervisor Leroy Brooks had the road name changed to Taylor-Thurston Road. Ringo Way and Thurston Lake Road are on the Thurston place, and Calloway Drive is on the Taylor place. Calloway, as in Don Calloway. Yes, we are kin way back around Daniel Boone time.