Raymond Gross: Gas prices

March 10, 2011 12:54:00 PM



Over the past few years I''ve read many letters to the editor about how gas prices are always higher in Columbus than anywhere else in the state. I think all this concern is good, and I appreciate the paper publishing all those letters so others may be encouraged to join in the song of complaints. Well, we are at a point now where you need to do much much more than just write letters to the papers. When I hear that gas prices will be $5 per gallon before mid-summer with no ceiling in sight, I can''t just sit around acting like an old passive unconcerned couch potato.  


I''m calling congressmen, senators and anyone else that might be in an elected position to help us -- they do work for us -- along with e-mails to the president. I strongly urge everybody to do the same with loud demands that a green light be given to start new drilling of oil wells in and around the U.S.  


The fact that only 76 miles of new oil pipe line is all that''s needed to join ANWR, Alaska to the existing pipe lines, already in Alaska, should be reason enough to awake millions of people to rise up from a deep sleep and join in a march on the White House protesting Obama''s orders to stop drilling. Since he works for us, let all the protesters demand that he take immediate action to start oil flowing (millions of barrels a day) from our most northern coast through the pipe lines to our lower 48 and allow drilling to begin down here too. 


We have to do something folks, especially with the possibility of $10 per-gallon gas on the horizon. I say "to heck" with all this silly liberal union led "sit-in stuff," we need to start a multi-million person protest march on the White House about a "way more" serious and meaningful cause---"making us free from the dependency on foreign oil."