Cameron Triplett: Doesn't understand church's attitude

May 14, 2011 8:23:00 PM



If the FBC is moving, why does it "need" a parking lot where the Friendship House stood? I hate to see historic or even old buildings needlessly destroyed, but sometimes there is simply no other choice. 


I owned two old houses in Brooksville that were neither worth repairing or restoring. One was ca.1870 and the other ca . 1880. 


The latter still had the original cedar shake roof on it. Neither house was insulated or historically important due to "So-and-so lived here!" I hated to tear them down but the town left me no choice. A friend tore one down for the lumber and my church neighbors tore the other down, so I let them use the lot for parking. 


Several years ago Brooksville Baptist Church acquired an old house adjacent to the church. They bid the fixtures in the house out to any and all who wished to bid, raising money for the church. The house was emptied and torn down. Even the hardwood floors were recycled. 


Years before that, an out-of-town family owned an old house. They decided to tear it down and put in a housing subdivision on the sizable lot. Many people begged to buy some of the fixtures out of the house, to no avail. It was bulldozed and burned, beautiful floors, stairs, and all. 


I realize that the FBC had every right to do as it wished with this building. What I don''t understand is the attitude. If there was anything salvageable in the house, why was it destroyed. 


I''m sure some one somewhere, a building contractor or private homeowner looking to expand his house, would have loved to get some wood from that house. It''s too late, she''s gone. 


Cameron Triplett