Myra Ford: Remedy for Country Club's financial woes

May 26, 2011 12:19:00 PM



I saw the article in the paper about the bankruptcy of the Country Club. I had some ideas to cook up some revenue for the club. Right now you are offering $35 for golfing fees. I think it would be a great idea to offer a summer fee to swim at the pool or one-time entrance of $5 per person a day. Offer hamburgers & hot-dogs at the pool make it a family event. At night offer to the young airmen pool party with beer & food, and a ride back to the base on a bus if they need one (of course charge for entry & ride).  


Do the same for the University, for the young adult students. Get with the base and arrange a special discount for military family members to the club. Arrange for birthday parties at the pool, and advertise wedding events. In the dining area offer one time deals for people to try the Country Club''s dining experience; offer a special menu for them to try at a reasonable price. Offer early bird dinners & senior citizen meal deals. There are lots of ways to cook up business for the club to help them get out of trouble.