David Creel: Artistic braids equal summer fun

May 27, 2011 3:07:00 PM

David Creel -


It seems the world is still in love with braids. My first introduction to braids came through my kindergarten friends, Renee and Kellie, with their braided pigtails secured on the ends by giant yarn ribbons. Next, and many moons later, it was another Kelli, my brother''s girlfriend, whose braided hair would give my heart palpitations.  


Finally, a few years after beauty school, I was stopped in my tracks while attending a hair show in New York City. Martin Parsons, a master hairdresser and author, stood high above me on a stage flanked by drop-dead gorgeous women wearing his braided hairstyles, or rather his works of art. Still today, that man does to hair what Picasso did with paints, and it''s a joy to behold. I soaked it all up in the Big Apple, but soon realized I was no expert at braiding, and a long way from kindergarten. 


Every magazine you flip through is forecasting the summer 2011 trends in gorgeous hair, and all of them include a braid or two in the mix. Imagine a head full of long, lustrous locks braided down the side and finished with a feminine bow, or maybe a chin-length bob adorned with a small braid through the side bang.  


One of my friends and top celebrity hairstylist, Ted Gibson, told me that the summer hairstyles are right on trend with a simple braided element. I warn you, braiding is not as easy as one, two, three. It requires talent, patience and practice to master the art. To this day, I still get all thumbs when trying it on my little niece''s hair, but she usually seems pleased with the outcome. Maybe I could take some lessons from all those moms out there who are seasoned professionals doing braids worthy of dance and piano recitals. Sign me up! 




A tip or two 


Here are some tips from a few of my friends and my own experience for those of you who are going to attempt the season''s newest trend. Mist the hair with a solution of baby oil and water for the easiest "combability" while bravely braiding. For a fresh beach style, braid damp hair, spray with one of the many sea salt styling sprays on the market, let it air dry, and gently unwind for a soft wave. 


You might invest in a how-to manual from your nearest bookstore on all the beautiful variations of braids available. Also, avoid the temptation to secure your braids with rubber bands, and only use coated twists specifically designed not to cause distress or breakage to the hair.  


The world is indeed falling in love with braids, so I reckon it''s time for me to hone my own skills. How about you

Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]