John Dorroh: Changing rules

May 31, 2011 2:23:00 PM



It seems that rules and by-laws are changed often here in Columbus when it is going to work to a favored person''s advantage. If I am correct, then why does this happen? 


This may be the case of the recent change of by-laws at the CVB. As I understand it, the rules used to stand that the interim could not be named as the director. Suddenly the Board changed their rules to make it possible for Nancy Carpenter to be named the new director. Why did they do that? 


This is not the first time that I can remember rules being changed to accommodate a favored person. Although the situation may not have been identical, I recall that many saw it as established protocol being violated by the Columbus Arts Council a few years ago to name a favored candidate as director.  


As a classroom teacher for 30 years, I know that changing rules resulted in bad feelings, chaos, and taught the students nothing more than how the "real world" works. I thought that Columbus had evolved past this kind of politics. Maybe not.