Raymond Gross: Medicare plans

May 31, 2011 2:25:00 PM



I was a little surprised The Dispatch would publish such an obvious false political statement about Congressman Ryan''s proposal to save our Medicare. I''m referring to the Mike Luckovich cartoon, (Thursday, May 26, "Hangover II,") that appeared on the opinion page. 


It reminds me of the disgraceful false TV ad, that the liberal Dems spent mega bucks on, showing a man pushing an elderly woman in a wheel chair over a cliff. 


I heard Herman Cain, a man I''d like to see become our first black president, say today that he supports the Ryan plan 100% and if nothing is done to change the present Medicare system (which is what the Obama administration is happy doing) it will not be available to anyone in a few years. The Ryan plan would never affect those of us who are presently using Medicare and those who are 55 and above. 


Even Bill Clinton was shown on TV saying he wished the Dems would actually do something to help preserve Medicare. It really surprised a lot of people to see and hear Bill being down right "spot on" with real concern. Hopefully he really cares and will be a positive influence. I bet he will be awfully disappointed when the Dems fail to come up with a conservative plan of their on to help preserve Medicare. Everyone should know by now that their only plan, Obamacare, was forced on us and takes $500 billion away from Medicare.  


Hopefully all those who voted to put Obama in office and those who voted to reelect the Pelosi/Reed duo can see this and all the evil generated by giving "Obamacare waivers" to all their rich supporters.