Ecolab grants nearly $30,000 to local schools

June 3, 2011 11:52:00 AM



Ecolab/Microtek Medical granted $29,991 to Lowndes County School District and Columbus Municipal School District teachers who applied for the Vision for Learning Award for projects and materials to further the education of their students. 


Money was given to West Lowndes Middle and Elementary Schools, Franklin Academy Medical Sciences and Wellness Magnet School, Stokes-Beard Technology and Communication Magnet School, Sale Elementary International Student Magnet School, Caledonia High School and New Hope Elementary, Middle and High School.  


The majority of the funding went to mathematics curriculum for materials such as NEO2 devices, which allow self-paced math facts practice, a student response system, a Lego robotics program, graphing calculators and more. Other projects included an egg hatching program, updated workbooks and Labquest devices for the Franklin Academy. The Labquest devices include software and items to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, data collection instruments and a pH sensor. Teacher Emma Cornwall says the Labquest devices will be invaluable to her 3-5-grade students at Stokes-Beard and she may be able to use them at the middle school as well. 


New Hope High''s Amy Younger and Kelly Soule combined efforts to acquire $4,625 between the two of them for 37 new TI Inspire calculators for their 9-12-grade students. According to Soule, the new calculators will allow teachers to interact with the students by sending files straight to their calculators and that the advanced functions will make learning more enjoyable.  


Ecolab''s health care division allocated the money for area schools, to be used for teacher-submitted learning programs for grades K-12. About 15 teacher-submitted projects were funded, with each teacher being granted up to $3,000 each. Ecolab is a company that specializes in providing cleaning and sanitizing products and programs, primarily to customers in the food and beverage processing, hospitality, health care, government and education.