Kevin Forrester: Some reels better (worse) than others

June 20, 2011 12:21:00 PM



We all have purchased items in our lives that have left us regretting spending the money on a certain brand item. We then wished we would have listened to another person and went with another brand of that item or a totally different item. 


Internet shopping allows potential customers to read reviews from other online buyers. These reviews can be a blessing. 


I use these reviews constantly when looking for new fishing lures and other fishing equipment after they hit the market. I am also one to contribute to these reviews, helping others avoid a costly purchase that could be classified as a "lemon" in my book. Understand that these reviews can slanted, submitted by people that didn''t use the product properly. 


The fishing industry has many new products that come out every year. Some of these products make fishing more fun and productive and others can make it a question on why the product was even put on the market other than to make a sale. Still there are other products that started out as an ingenious idea but somewhere between the design and production line, become flawed. 


Ardent Outdoors is arguably the only United States manufacturer of freshwater fishing reels. They are also the only reel that I am aware of that carries a three-year warranty. 


Professional fishermen utilize the company''s products, the reason why Ardent is the brand behind plenty of fishing tournament award checks. Still, the company has one item on his product line that draws criticism. 


The F700 Denny Brauer Flip-N-Pitch reel is one of the most ingenious ideas I have ever seen with "short string" fishermen. The drag is preset from the factory of twenty-two pounds and the reel spool is cut down to only allow about 80 yards of 20-lbs. test fishing line. The level wind is not needed on this reel so it comes with a fixed eye on front. There is a flipping switch on the bottom of the reel which further allows it to be a monster on the water. 


The problem? The flipping switch. According to online product reviews, I''m not alone. 


After owning one for about 15 minutes, I had to send it back. 


I received another reel, brand new. This reel lasted about three pre-fish days and one tournament. The reel would not engage, so I turned the flipping switch off and it worked perfectly. 


I plan to contact Ardent''s design personnel and hopefully, get a response. Until then, I would wait on this particular model. 




The Thursday Night Tournaments, directed by Tony and Marian Parson, held its weekly event this past week with 22 boats competing. By weigh-in time, the rain had moved in. 


Jeffery Davis and Jason Mitchell won the tournament with 7.84 lbs. Ed and Josh Thrasher finished in second place with 7.79 lbs. Frank White and Damon Hurst took third place with 7.54 lbs. and won the big bass pot with 4.55 lbs. Lance Moore and Jared Gray finished in fourth place with 7.34 lbs. All four of the top places were within a single half of a pound. Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy the midweek fun. For more information, call Parson at (662) 386-9629.