Cameron Triplett: Views differ from columnist's

June 27, 2011 10:26:00 AM



In Friday''s paper, the column by Susan Estrich showed her bias. OK, it''s an op-ed, but not even opinion writers are allowed to make up their own "facts." She does an admirable job toting Mr. Obama''s water for the Democrat Party, but I take slight exception with some of her opinions. 


She credits Mr. Obama with Osama''s death, when this Socialist had nothing to do with it, except try to make political hay out of it. She credits him with instituting "universal health care," when the same experiment in Massachusetts has shown that "free" health care for everybody is prohibitively expensive.  


As for pulling out of the Middle East, I support that whole-heartedly, but it has to be done right. Politics is not a part of any reason to exit, stage left, with dignity and purpose. If pollsters are calling teenagers instead of adults, well, duh, teenagers can vote even though they are not emotionally mature enough to vote responsibly. I also agree that some of the Republican candidates for president should not be considered or even allowed to run. It''s reminiscent of the good-old- boy system that gave us Sen. John McCain four years ago. Some people just shouldn''t be president, and Mr. Obama is a prime example of that. Ms. Estrich, if you feel "lucky he is President and proud of what he is doing to restore(?) world respect for America," you''ve got some serious blinders on. 


If politicians really want to help Americans afford health insurance there are better ways than for the government to control it. Let insurance companies operate across state lines. More competition means lower costs and better service. Instead of the government providing insurance coverage, why not let insurance companies bid on contracts to provide coverage paid for by the government if government just has to keep its finger in the mix? 


Mr. Obama will not see a second term because of his failed policies, and it won''t be "the Republicans'' fault" like the Democrats did to the elder former President Bush. He was caught in a damned-if-I-do-and-damned-if-I-don''t situation orchestrated purposefully by his Democrat Party enemies. No, this will be all Mr. Obama''s doing. His farewell party is one I might just celebrate at home.