Roses and thorns 7-17-11

July 16, 2011 9:47:00 PM



Roses to the self-named "Green 6", six Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science students who have made it their mission to spread the word about conservation in a traveling "green" classroom. 


The G6 include Daniel Eisler of Ocean Springs, Tyler Crutcher of Senatobia, Sterling Harper of Gautier, Bobby Glenn of Moss Point, David Liang of Cleveland and formerly of Starkville and Ryan Chapman of Brandon. Read more about the G6 and their senior project in today''s Lifestyles section. 




Roses to the leadership of the Mississippi University for Women Alumni Association and Mississippi''s First Alumnae Association for finally mending the rift between them. Since 2008, when the then-MUW president disaffiliated from the original alumni group and created a new one, there have been two separate groups of alums working to support the university, each in their own way. Recently the groups signed a unified affiliation agreement, which now must be approved by the state College Board. A joint membership agreement is a huge step toward healing a long-standing wound. 




Roses to organizers of this weekend''s Hoops for Troops event, a basketball tournament to raise money for the families of Guardsmen in Battery A Second of the 114th Strike National Guard unit, as the soldiers prepare to deploy. We can''t thank them enough for the freedoms we often take for granted. But events like these show we care enough to try. 




Roses to members of the R.E. Hunt Museum and Cultural Center board, which is starting a museum at the former Hunt school. The school, which opened as the area''s all-black high school in 1953, closed as a school in January, when a new middle school opened. 


It was being used as an intermediate school, housing grades five and six, then just grade six, as the fifth grade moved into elementary schools and the finishing touches were being put on the new building off Highway 45 North. 


Currently, there are nine members on the board of directors for the museum and cultural center, and they will manage a museum at Hunt in space donated by the school district. As the district moves on to the next chapter, the historic high school''s history will be preserved by those who truly understand and appreciate it.